MAY 2018 – LITTER of 6. This boy and girl still available!!

Girl is Blue Fawn and Boy is Blue Brindle

More and more often we are having Pups that STAY BLUE. Have a look below…

We occasionally have Blue French Bulldog puppies as this color is a natural occurrence in the breed but often discouraged and also the puppies will turn another natural color like fawn or brindle.

For years my mama dogs would give birth to “gray puppies” and after three weeks they would turn fawn or brindle. This gray color is a recessive gene much like red hair in humans.

What is in line breeding?

For a long time the only way to “find this gene” was to breed a daughter to her father in order to exacerbate the recessive genes. This is common practice in dog breeding when trying to encourage a trait that is not common.

It is called in line breeding and the most common example is miniature breeds. They were all “provoked” in this way.

The problem is that when you encourage recessive traits you could be encouraging other unwanted traits that won’t show up until this is done. This might contribute to less healthy families of dogs.

The only way to discourage this happening is to wait patiently until you have two unrelated dogs that are the same color. They both carry the recessive gene but they are unrelated. In this way we can encourage this color or a size trait which is how also miniature dog breeds have blossomed into healthy lines. Once upon a time that other breed as a miniature was not strong and health.

Take yorkshire terriers for example…. It took many years to turn the traits around and eventually newer stronger bloodlines were born. Today yorkshire terriers are considered to be strong and healthy as a breed.

And so it is with breeding of Blue French Bulldogs Puppies here at FrenchBullDogsLA.

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