Traveling with Your Blue French Bulldog Puppy – A Few Tips

So the weather is getting nice and I’m starting to fantasize about going on a road trip. Easier said than done when you’re the owner of multiple dogs. Let’s for now just focus on the idea of two of our blue brindle french bulldog puppies. Much of the world understands that dogs are pack animals and that having Two is absolutely better than one.

I’ll share here below some pictures just for your viewing pleasure of all kinds of couplings of puppies and older dogs whose lives were changed by getting a live-in partner. But that’s not exactly what I was just gonna talk right now .

The focus is about getting ready to go on vacation when you have dogs. No it would be really convenient if you could just hire like a puppy nanny and have them go and stay at your house but you know as well as I do that to find the right person that you trust to take care of your dogs the way that you do is another story.

Here’s a little story about my last terrible experience with hiring someone to come live in my house while I went to burning man in the Reno desert and was gone for 10 days. I had met this young girl she was 17 years old and she swore that she loved animals. It didn’t help that she was the prettiest little thing to look at with very angelic long curly blond hair down to her waist.  

There is no one that wouldn’t have looked at her and thought “sure you can trust this kid”. She had a lot of babysitting experience and claimed to have a lot of experience with her own personal dogs and instead of me going to her house and meeting her family she told me I could just speak to her dad.  Dad gave his kid a fantastic resume and with that we decided that she would do the job.

She was going to summer school so I knew that she would be away for three hours a day.  I had in my house at the time 4 dogs and when I asked her if she could come over before leaving  for an instructional walk through of  things she said she was really good with notes.

So I went crazy with the notes and I didn’t write them by hand I did them in color and huge well  printed, colorful near signs in all the important places like the door of the freezer or the side of the crate or on the French doors that go out to the kennel and on the coffee table things like bug repellent and medicines for emergencies. I mean you name it I had it there and it had a note and what stands out in my head most of everything a big sign on the freezer saying ” A bone a day in here!”  and certainly you must already be able to  my dogs didn’t get ever a bone.  

When I left I had sprinkled Dutch cleanser in the kitchen sink . When I returned the  cleanser was still dry in the kitchen sink clearly no one had been staying at my house. We had recently put in new hardwood floors and where the crate was sitting, it was an enormous crate,2′ x 4′, that housed all four dogs to sleep together,  there was such a stench of urine and when I moved it I found a big black ring on the floor.

My dogs don’t P in their beds they never had in their entire life.  They clearly had been locked into the crate for so many hours that they were forced to P in the bed. One of my dogs who’s white,  named Angel, had red bloody tips on his ears from all the fly bites. The seal on the natural bug repellent had not even been broken. I could probably write a little book about this event but to sum it up it left me feeling like there was no one that I could trust to take care of my animals.  

It’s been a very long time since I’ve left my house in the care of anyone that I trust so hence I figured out the ideal way to travel with my dogs on a vacation.

So now I’ve got a yearning to go on a road trip and I’m just gonna take the dogs with me. I Will say that I’m only taking two so that may be the average person can relate but I’m just gonna give you a rundown of how I do it.

I’m hoping you have an SUV or a car,  even a Prius nowadays has passenger seats that will lie flat,  and that’s what I recommend you do. Lay the passenger seats down. I then suggest that you get some kind of a liner so that in the worst case scenario if your dog were to vomit or have diarrhea in your car while traveling you could actually stop at a rest area and use the low faucet that there always is to hose off the mess.

At Petsmart or Petco they have these trays that are made to clip a PP pad into. The reason you want one of these trays is because this way your P pad remains stable and if you have two dogs in the car they can get playful and then runaround and the P pad can wrinkle up into the corner and then there you go, the P  that may happen is all over the back of your car.

Most dogs any puppies that I have four months or older are very well trained to P pads. Have one nice dog bed that together the dogs can lye in together. And last but not least if you really want to go all the way then I highly recommend that you look into this product called trunk liner. Oh my gosh it’s changed my life it will collapse so my passenger seats go up but it’s always there in my car and I can spread it out and it’s basically creates a plastic barrier on the side walls and the bottom of the whole back of my car.  

When done with the trip I can pull it out and hose it down. The back of my car is now like a playpen for the dogs when I go on a trip. Did I mention the spillproof water bowl that’s a real winner and bully sticks are my absolute all-time traveling favorite. I’ve seen dogs be entertained for four hours off  bully sticks in the back. So just get these things together.

It is a sort of to do list so that the next time you go on a road trip’s your dogs can travel in style and you don’t have to worry that your car is going to get all messed up and then if you have a roof rack well that’s where all your personal stuff goes so the dogs are in the back and your stuff is on top of the car .