The True Nature of a French Bulldog

It has little to do with the color blue but it has everything to do with it being a French Bulldog. I got my first French bulldog when I was working as a psychologist at a board and care facility for the mentally ill in San Pedro California. I was running there an art program for the mentally ill and I brought my pup with me to work. It was then that I learned about the extremely social nature of this breed.

Initially when you have just your first French bulldog maybe you think it’s just your dog but over time and now being a proud parent of six French bulldogs I can tell you with absolute certainty that all French bulldogs have this trait in common.

It would be why they make such a fantastic therapy animal because they would be willing to crawl in the lap of any unsuspecting stranger be it a child or an old person in a wheelchair.

I always tell people that what we love the most about them this social quality could also be a fault in that this dog could be easily a victim of prey or theft.

They would probably hop in anybody’s car. It happened to me once. I got a phone call somebody said we have your dog .  We found her walking on the street. I’m just as quickly as I could get myself to the end of the driveway that’s as far as she had gone and there was a van Parked there with my dog inside it looking out the window. It wasn’t like they were even half a block down and that she’d run away she had literally gone for a little stroll down the driveway and they called her and she had hopped in the car.

When people come to your front door they will be greeted by your dog or dogs plural in my case and I’m not one to say down dogs down I let the meet and greets they will go up on their hind legs and it will last for one minute and it will be done and then they will settle down.

But what if somebody did take your dog in this way or if you have a front door that says Lee open like my house and I have a couple of dogs that will jump over the fence and run up the driveway I find what gives me the most peace of mind is my GPS tracker that I have on my dogs at all times.

With this tracking device if the dog gets down the road I’ll be alerted right away that my dog is out of the zone and I can look at the map and I can see a little ball glowing much the same way as the GPS for your car works. I highly recommend it go check out this website

I guess my point here has turned from a very social dog and one that could be lost or stolen easily and I just feel it’s very important that you be very mindful of this so have your GPS tracker and have your dog microchip and lastly I would even recommend that you look into getting your dog tattooed. I presently have three dogs tattooed but they were tattooed in Europe when I imported them over. It’s not is coming to practice here with dogs all the livestock are tattooed and if you look online you can find people that will tattoo your dog so look into that too

It’s also though because of the nature of the French bulldog that these dogs make excellent therapy animals which was my first interest in the Breed. I’m a clinical psychologist and I brought that first puppy with me to work and I noticed how the dog would integrate with just anybody.

I have many clients now that come to me having been prescribed a dog by their psychiatrist to help heal their depression or their discomforts of life.

An animal that is such A tremendous cuddler like this can do wonders for the soul. I admit I love that all my dogs want to sleep with me. I sleep alone these days but not really because I wake up with warm bodies all around me in fact having to ask for permission to get out of the bed because they’ve got me pinned in.

If you can believe it there’s actually been a link drawn to flat faced dogs and the nature of cuddling. Not all breeds are like this. I’ve had shelties and Dobermans and German Shepherd’s and my mom has dachshunds and even though all dogs are affectionate it’s not the same as the one that is like a toddler that  if it could it would be in your lap 24 seven. I feel very needed!! You might say that this is a very needy Breed which makes it not suitable for being left alone for hours on end.

Many people end up getting a second french bulldog because they do very well in pairs for the same reason that they then would have a companion dog to be side-by-side with even if you did leave them alone. So take special note whether you’re reading this article and you already have your cute blue Frenchie puppy or you’re just thinking about it are you the kind of person that is available to be arm and arm with your dog all the time or would you consider getting a second animal either another dog preferably another French bulldog with comparable nature traits or even a cat?

French Bulldogs are lovers and they’re not meant to be left home alone in the yard like can be done with other dogs. They might develop separation anxiety disorder or become a howling dog that nobody’s Neighbor would like either. I hope you keep this all in mind and take it to heart and that you love your new life with your puppy