Angel was my first. I was walking down Washington Blvd. in Los Angeles, near the canals, and came across the path of a family walking 3 dogs. There were 2 French Bulldogs walking off leash and another Boston Terrier on leash. Choppy-1-300x262The Male French Bulldog
came up to me as if were its long lost friend.Betty-2-241x300
Later I would learn that this is the typical social character of the French Bulldog. There will never be a French Bulldog that is not just over joyed that any one human has walked into the room or crossed its path on a walk. The love everybody! To a fault I might say, since this could easily encourage a theft. They would jump into anyone’s car.

I felt something that night after meeting those people. They were also carrying a 4th French Bulldog Puppy in their arms nestled in the crook of the ladies neck. I decided, impromptu, to visit their house around the corner and see their puppies. I had no intention of getting one. I had two dogs, Yooki and Yoshi, my labrador and shepard mix, both rescue dogs.

Yoshi-and-Yookie-300x233Well, I got a feeling like when you meet a person that you just can’t wait to see. It was like love at first site. the Trick was to talk my partner Todd into “letting” me get a 3rd dog. We had just bought the house in Ojai. There lies an acre of land. I got a book all about French Bulldogs and secretly read in it in my car for the next 3 days. I was so afraid to erupt an argument over getting another dog. Well, I got up the courage. And his reply ; “As long as its your dog I have nothing to say about what you do and don’t do. Just don’t make me feed it! “. Oh my Gosh, I was so excited. I had his blessing! I called the girl to tell her I would come tomorrow for my dog, the little girl I had picked out, and she told me “Sorry, I sold her. I have only one left, that little boy I was carrying on the street that night.”