Most homes are incomplete without a pet. A dog is by far the most popular pet in the whole world and why would not they be? Dogs are loyal, loveable and they look good. They are also good at guarding you and keeping you safe and also as a companion who will be there for you throughout their entire life.

There are hundreds of dog breeds and choosing a dog that is suitable to your lifestyle is a tough choice. While some people like smaller dogs, some like larger dogs. French bulldogs are small dogs that have become very popular in the dog world in a relatively short time.

French bulldogs come in a variety of colors. Most of these colors are common in Frenchies but some can be very rare and tough to get with normal breeding. Lilac French bulldogs are some of the rarest colored bulldogs in the French bulldog breed. This article will tell you what a French bulldog is:

The Lilac French Bulldog

The Lilac French bulldog is a rare color that is distinguished by its lilac coloration which comes under the Blue French bulldog’s gene family. All lilac French bulldogs carry the blue gene from the Blue French bulldog. They have to be a carrier of a blue gene and also have the dominant lilac gene in them. 

The litter which is born has a light blueish coat color and as they grow up they will get that lilac color stand out in them. Their noses are a little darker and they have a great coat with patches of white sometimes on their chest. 

A lilac French bulldog is a combination of a blue French bulldog and a chocolate French bulldog. Both the parents should have the blue and chocolate gene in them or should be blue carriers or be blue French bulldogs.

These dogs do not come cheap, a lilac French bulldog can cost upwards of $8000 and more. If you are willing to spend this much from your pocket then make sure to get these dogs from a reputable breeder who has cared for the pup.

Color Explained

The lilac color is a variation of “d” genes that dilute black to blue or lilac. For a lilac French bulldog to turn out lilac, they need to carry double genes of both blue and chocolate. Their noses are also different in color as they can turn lavender or a little darker than their fur which can be a darker purple shade.


These rare colored dogs do not have a different personality, they are still goofy, mischievous, beautiful French bulldogs. They are good with other people, dogs, and other pets. These dogs do not require a lot of space as they’ll be happy as long as they are around you. 

Also, find a good breeder who puts the health of the pup first. Be wary of people selling these dogs at a discount as they could be from puppy mills.