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Understanding the Unique Genetics of Fluffy French Bulldogs

The fluffy, or long-haired, French Bulldog is the same as a normal purebred Frenchie, just fluffier. There is a recessive gene that sometimes appears in litters and causes these animals to grow a longer coat. It is now being intentionally bred across the world. A Fluffy French Bulldog is not a crossbreed like many suspect them to be especially based off their appearance. While you may come across crossbred Frenchies, their physical appearance will be much different due to their different ancestry. In this case you can get long-haired French Bulldogs by breeding two purebred Frenchies together. This can also be true if both parents are standard short-haired dogs. You don’t need to breed two long-haired French Bulldogs together to a long-haired pup.

What is the long-haired gene?

Dogs have their own unique genetic makeup depending on their breed ancestry. The gene for the longer coat is an autosomal recessive gene called an FGF- a Fibroblast Growth Factor- Lh. This is a gene that produces a layer of fur that has higher capillary length. You may see a pairing of Sh/Lh, where the Lh gene is cancelled out by the more dominant gene for the shorter coat (Sh). Therefore, you won’t see any change in the appearance of the dog. Or in the event there is a Lh/Lh pairing, where the dominant short-haired gene isn’t present, the recessive gene becomes the one to determine the coat type.  

Understanding Recessive Traits and Heredity of Fluffy Frenchies

The long hair gene is recessive and there are five variants. When two Frenchies have this gene and are bred, they pass it onto their offspring giving their Frenchie puppy two copies of the long hair gene. This may result with a puppy having longer hair. Since this gene is an autosomal recessive trait, there is no genetic dominance. For example, two Frenchies with the long hair gene can be bred and have a long haired dog, but this doesn’t mean that both parents actually display the long hair trait. Just as in humans, a baby can be born with red hair because both parents carry the gene but neither parent will have red hair.

A dog with two copies of the recessive gene can be affected and will pass on the gene every single time. If they do not have the recessive gene, then the dog will not produce any offspring that are long-haired.

How Can You Find This Gene?

A common argument you may come across is that the long-haired French Bulldog is a mixed breed; mixed with a Pekinese is a common assumption or a long hair Chihuahua. It is unsure if this has happened in the past, but the breed was developed in the 1800s and was a cross between an English Bulldog and local ratter dogs in France. Some may argue that these “local ratter” dogs could have been long coated or had the long hair gene which has been carried throughout the generations.

Luckily with science today you can do DNA tests that detect the gene. Now breeders have the chance to use a genetic tool known as breed identification test to determine scientifically the breed descendants of a dog. How do we get the fluffy look in French Bulldogs? The chances are high if both the parents have the gene. However, they are halved when only one of the parents has the gene. There is still a low chance of the litter turning out to be long-haired. Breeders do the testing if they do not want the litter to turn out differently and to be bred like the standard.

Where Can You Find This Types of Fluffy French Bulldogs?

Many have put into question whether or not a Fluffy Frenchie is considered a purebred. Many French Bulldog experts do not consider the fluffy Frenchie as part of the breed standard. There is nothing inherently wrong with these fluffy Frenchies, they just aren’t recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC), Canadian Kennel Club (CKC), and United Kennel Club (UKC).

If you have fallen for this type of French Bulldog then you must know that this type is very rare. There are reputable breeders who will breed them and be happy to talk to you. You can research the internet and make sure the breeder you are talking to is a genuine breeder who is not doing this just for the money. Learn more about long-haired French Bulldogs and gather all the information you can have on them.

Many breeders of long-haired French Bulldogs have been putting these pups on the internet and are gaining popularity in the market. You need to make prior plans if you want to buy the long-haired French Bulldog for sale. Find a breeder that takes good care of their dogs and is breeding them for their health and not for a profit.

The Story of Riley, our Fluffy French Bulldog Stud

We brought him to AMERICA from BRAZIL!!

The story of Riley The newest addition to our family of FRENCHIE‘s he’s number five in a pack and he’s a fluffy French bulldog.

He arrived here with me in the United States on September 25, 2021 coming across the border in Tijuana into which I had to fly from Brazil because, in case you don’t know it, the United States CDC has put a ban on import of dogs from 113 different countries. That might be a whole other topic, a reason for concern of how our government can make such outrageous decisions for so many people in the world when in fact Brazil has zero rabies and that is the CDC‘s claim for this ban. But so be it, so we have to figure out a way to work around the rules and eventually after two failed attempts to bring him with couriers from Brazil to Los Angeles I went myself on a plane and picked him up. When I say failed attempts I mean literally getting him as far as Atlanta and customs refusing him into the country and he had to be flown back to Brazil. It took me three more months after that to figure it all out which included me myself and I making the journey. I hadn’t been on a plane in a very long time and had to get Covid tested despite having been vaccinated all of these things including the CDC’s ban feels so violating to my freedom rights. But we are all at the mercy of the rule makers and have to do what we have to do as this became a rescue mission for Riley.

So now for a moment may I digress. I, like everyone, I too have had a fascination with this idea of the fluffy French bulldog. Never actually met one in person just drooled over the puppy pictures online. At one point I made a phone call to Australia which seemed to be the only place to find one. they wanted $30,000 for a puppy and the flight of 25 hours each direction seemed horrendous. So I put the idea to rest and a year or two later people started having them here and someone whose path I crossed mentioned to me that there were these people in Brazil breeding them.
Since I had imported dogs years ago from Russia my first breeding females and my male dog is from the Ukraine I’m familiar with this concept and not particularly afraid of it however there’s something to be said for not getting to meet the dog in person before you take it home. Since I had four dogs sleeping with me in this house I have a pack of dogs and you can’t just throw any old dog into the pack so I knew going in that this new addition would have to be submissive in nature. I won’t live with dogs that fight! I’ve lived that story and it’s miserable.

Acquiring a Fluffy French Bulldog Overseas

So my journey begins on Facebook where I found these people. At the moment these people will remain anonymous as there are things about them that I’m not happy with and as soon as they correct their mistakes I will happily promote them to you but in the meantime I think it would be interesting for you to hear even the bad parts of the story because somebody else could’ve fallen prey in an even worse way and from what I understand there are a few out there that Have had less fortunate experiences with this Brazilian breeder than I had. This is only all made possible due to tools such as WhatsApp messenger with a camera. This goes back at least six or seven months ago when I had my first meeting with them on camera were they introduced to me Riley who was than half the size he is now. I was attracted to him right from the beginning because in his puppy pictures he looked much fluffier than most of the other pictures I was looking at of other fluffy french bulldogs. At one time I considered buying more than one dog from these people but in the end only made away with him. Ultimately many months past. I sent a lot of money over a long period of time in small increments and had concern at times that I might ever actually receive him. Fortunately one day my friend Lisa remembered that she had a friend from years ago name Carrie that actually lived in São Paulo Brazil. I will include here pictures of Carrie who was a mom to my Riley before I even was. I was very fearful that I would never actually get him. There were a lot of broken promises from these people initially. I should say a lot of lack of follow-through which I continue to excuse due to language barriers. I hope that’s all it was. I’m still not sure entirely what is the answer to that.
So these people live somewhere near Rio de Janeiro which is about eight hours away from São Paulo where Carrie lived so before I would get on a plane and go to Brazil we wanted to be certain that we could get our hands on Riley and have custody of him so to speak. Carrie‘s wife Lou is a veterinarian in Sau Paulo and it seemed just perfect and comforting that Carrie and Lou would take Riley for me until I got there which ended up being approximately one month from the time that they got him. And so it was eventually one day Riley was put in a taxi and sent from where those people live for a taxi drive that turned out to be more like 12 hours. Along the way we saw a few pictures that the taxi driver took and sent us for peace of mind and then finally he arrived with Carrie.

There are a lot of details I’m leaving out right now as I don’t want to frighten you per se but I don’t recommend doing what I did to anyone. Maybe my effort following this to make him be a king stud dog and making it easy and affordable for other people to start producing more fluffy‘s here in the United States will make it less and less that people have to import and have the experience that I had. So I’ll tell you some of the not so Rosie parts when he arrived he had a big patch on his side of hair that was nearly missing something 3“ x 2“ terrible looking scaly frightening I couldn’t believe it those people hadn’t said anything about this wound looking area on his body. But remember when I told you that Lou was a vet. Albeit she’s an avian vet, that’s a bird vet, her partners are other kinds of vets and it was extremely comforting knowing that Riley was in the hands of Carrie and Lou. They took him to doctors had his skin tested put him on anabiotic‘s and had his blood tested even his sperm counted, very extensive health testing so that we could confirm before I removed him from BRAZIL that he was indeed a healthy dog because after seeing that patch of missing hair I had my doubts for more than a day. The good news is all the test came back and I think he might’ve just had a very terrible case of mites misdiagnosed. The place where he grew up obviously has too many dogs too many kids and not enough personal attention so the mites were missed. It was exciting to get back test results that showed very high sperm count and extra special health tests that prove that he is healthy in 10 different areas all important to the concept of his being a stud dog. Lou and Carrie have two other dogs with whom Riley bonded and walked every day the streets of São Paulo with Carrie as his foster mom.

I finally made it to Sau Paulo about one month later bye then evidence of the bald spot was gone it was apparent that something had been going on there as the hair was shorter but definitely on the road to recovery. He seemed underweight to me but again an intensified diet of raw feeding when I get home I knew would bring that back to par. There was a love affair that developed between Riley and Carrie that I felt badly for pulling them apart by this point that was the worst of things I was so relieved to have him now in my hands and spend a week there in so Paulo sleeping in an air mattress on the floor with my new Riley

His character is no doubt a French bulldog. Sometimes I do a double take when I look at him he looks more like a stuffed teddy bear at times but his behaviors the cuddling us the neediness the lack of barking the gentle way of sleeping literally across my throat all confirmed Frenchbulldog. If you’re reading this and don’t have a French bulldog yet you won’t know what you’re missing but if you have a Frenchy you’ll understand how these behaviors confirm the breed

An interesting note here about the nature treat to be cuddly. There was actually scientific studies done that showed a link between flat faced creatures and a nature treat to be cuddly. We are humans with a flat face there are Persian cats goldfish and dogs and I’m sure I’m missing something but all these species with flat faces inherently have a bigger need to be cuddled. We know that orphans in Russia that weren’t handled enough had deficits in adulthood. It’s pretty interesting little fact most people don’t know that it’s no accident but all French bulldogs are cuddle bugs like this sometimes to the point where I want to push them all the way because I can’t get out of my bed because I’ve got five dogs pushed up against my body. Yep I sleep with five dogs now going to include hear an adorable cartoon I found online printed on a T-shirt that says it all.

French Bulldog’s Growth, Diet, and Prospective Stud Services

So here we are back in Ojai, California Riley‘s been with us for about a month he’s gained about 5 pounds I can no longer feel is backbone he’s breathing up in his chest but based on his age he still got growing to do he’s just passed a year old. It seems that his coat has gotten more so which might have something to do with the change in diet or its maturity. I haven’t had puppies myself but I understand fluffy‘s are born looking like any other puppy and even in the beginning stages it takes time to know if they’re even fluffy so perhaps there’s a maturing factor to the hair growth. His hair is more curly than other dogs I’m seeing if you’ll stick when you run your fingers through it. It is very soft to the touch like silky cotton and I must admit that’s a fun little benefit and feels very different from my other dogs

Here with the beginning of a collection of pictures that we’re taking the pictures looking out the window or from when he was still in Brazil with Carrie and she took those and then what follows is the airplane and arriving here I have yet to do a formal photo shoot but you’ll get the idea. I’m submitting his DNA right now waiting for results and waiting on his paperwork to be finished with AKC. When that’s all done I’ll be offering him as Stud and the first 10 people will get a great deal. So if you’ve landed on this page and you have an interest to make yourself some fluffy carriers be in touch here in the next month or just pick up the phone and call me we can use FaceTime and you can see them up close that way. He’s an average sized French bulldog Wayne right now about 27 pounds. He’s taller than my other dogs but falls within the parameters of many other dogs I just have some really short squatty ones that I’m standing him next to. He would be an ideal match for an extremely short female. DNA will prove if he carries Coco at the moment we are suspect because his eyes glow red outside in the dark when I shined a flashlight on him and he has parented one litter of puppies were the female was Coco and six Coco puppies were born which seems only possible if he carries Coco so soon we will have the answer to that feel free to pick up your phone and call me 310-666-7840.