This is something that we see ads of all the time when looking for a French bulldog puppy. When you look at something which says French bulldog for sale under 1000, be wary of it. Don’t just click on it. This is something that all French bulldog breeders and enthusiasts advise against. 

The cost of breeding a French bulldog is a lot and many people do not understand how much time goes into breeding a French bulldog. Some breeders have less expensive French bulldogs and we will talk about it in this article.

Breeding French Bulldogs – Costs

Breeding French bulldogs take a lot of planning for the litter to turn out exactly as the breeder wants them to. If you do not have a stud for your dam then you need to get stud services for your dam. The better the stud the more expensive the fee is.

As you may have researched, French bulldogs are a brachycephalic breed and they need extra care from the breeders 24×7 when they are born. French bulldogs cannot breed naturally so artificial insemination is used to breed them. French bulldogs have narrow hips so they cannot give birth naturally. You need the help of a vet to deliver the litter through a C-section and this is also a costly procedure.

All these costs are calculated when the breeder is selling the pups.

After the litter is born, they should not be left with the mother as she can kill the pups by accidentally laying on them. This takes a lot of time and care from the breeder. French bulldogs pups must be monitored for the first few weeks. 

Regular health checkups are needed and also the vaccination for the pups. Some pups will also need more vaccinations to make sure that they carry antibodies for the diseases they give the shots for. The expenses of breeding are so much that the breeder won’t be able to sell the puppies under $1000. There are a lot of costs involved in breeding and taking care of French bulldogs and their litters.

Price of the French Bulldog

A French bulldogs’ price can vary from $2500 – $4000 for standard colors and $4500 – $7000 for more rare colors such as blue. Standard colors include brindle, fawn, pied, cream and other variations of these colors. Rarer colors such as blue, chocolate, white, pure black, lilac cost more because of their rarity. Everything depends on the costs before and after the pups are born. Some French bulldogs which are considered champion class cost between $8000 – $10000. 

French Bulldog Puppies for Sale Under 1000 

When you see this ad or find this on a site somewhere then you should think about what you are getting yourself into. Do you need to do be wary?

It depends, the chances of the pup coming from a puppy mill is very high. Bad breeders do not care or invest their time in the litter. What they do is breed these dogs just for a quick profit and sell them at a low price. As they do not spend so much during and after the breeding of these dogs, they can be sold for much less than what normally breeders ask for.

The dams are bred a lot of times till they get old or cannot handle giving birth to a litter. After this, the dams are sent to a shelter without proper care. These pups are usually not given attention so they can behave differently than normal French bulldogs which are very friendly dogs. These pups also get less monitoring, care, attention, vet visits or regular shots.

So, the next time you see French bulldog puppies for sale under 1000 then you need to make sure that you do your research before you get a French bulldog.