Blue French bulldogs are some of the most popular and sought after French bulldogs in the world. As controversial as they are, these dogs are hugely popular in the US and all around the world. 

Before we talk about the blue pied we’ll talk about the pied French bulldog:

What is a pied French bulldog?

The term “pied” is a term which is used to describe a combination of color and a pattern that you can find in the French bulldog breed. Pied and piebald are used interchangeably for the Pied color. Pied is used as the correct term in the French bulldog breed. 

A pied French bulldog has a coat that is predominantly white with darker patches that cover the body, head or both of the French bulldog.

The pattern of a pied can vary from dog to dog and is not generally the same. All pied French bulldogs are different. French bulldog breeders will focus a lot on breeding this color to get good and distinct markings on the pup.

Fawn and brindle are the colors that are desirable in a pied French bulldog and are sought after.

There are other different types of Blue French bulldogs, which are:

  • Blue French bulldog
  • Blue Pied French bulldog
  • Blue Fawn French bulldog
  • Blue Brindle French bulldog
  • Blue and Tan French bulldog

There are also different colors that are very rare such as the lilac, merle and the tri-colored French bulldogs.

Blue Frenchies are an exclusive color. There are not many breeders that have breeding rights for this breed. This way the blue French bulldogs are not overbred and are still pretty rare in the US. 

The appearance of the Blue pied French bulldog

The Blue Pied French bulldog is the same as brindle pied or a fawn pied French bulldog but with a difference of colors. They are the same as other French bulldog but with a difference in colors.

How to Achieve the Blue Pied Color

The Blue pied color can be achieved quite easily. There is a big chance of the breeder getting a pied French bulldog when they breed a blue French bulldog with a pied French bulldog. Pied patterns are recessive to a solid coat. Solid coats which include fawn and brindle can be the colors that will turn up on the litter with light color fur on their chest and legs and sometimes on the cheek.