The Blue French Bulldogs is one of the most popular dogs in the United States and is getting more and more popular in other countries too. The breed itself very popular among other breeds in the US. 

Blue French Bulldogs are not so much different from the standard French bulldog other than the markings and the bluish-grey color. The dilute gene ‘d’ is the reason behind the distinct coat color of these dogs. The dilution gene dilutes the black color to the blue color we now see on the Blue French bulldog.

What’s the Price of Miniature Blue French Bulldogs in the US?

A Miniature Blue French Bulldog is quite rare so they can cost around $5,500 and upwards. There are many things to know in regards to the Blue French bulldog price. The parents of the litter, the color, the size and the health of the dog.

A lot of people are interested in the miniature-sized French Bulldogs. Miniature Blue French Bulldogs have lately become very popular in the United States. Miniature Blue French bulldogs are also not accepted by the AKC. However, this doesn’t stop people from owning and breeding Miniature Blue French Bulldogs. 

These dogs are still great with children and old people and are very adaptable even for their small size. 

Information about Miniature Blue French Bulldogs

Before you make the decision, you need to know what the breed is prone to. You need to make sure that you know everything about this breed. Even if these dogs are miniature, they are still the same playful and friendly French bulldogs.

These dogs are still not in the toy group of breeds but are the smallest dogs in the non-sporty dog category. A standard Blue French Bulldog is 11-13 inches in size and weighs around 19 – 28 pounds. 

How are Miniature Blue French bulldogs bred?

There are some ways to create the Miniature Blue French bulldog. The first one is to breed the smallest pups (runts) from the litter. The need to check their health and their potential to produce healthy pups. Doing this can result in the litter being weak as the runts are the smallest and sometimes the weakest dogs of the group. Breeding runts down the genetic line can help the litter turn out smaller than the regular sized Blue French bulldogs. 

The second way is to breed dwarf dogs which should never be done because there are lots of health problems associated with breeding these dogs. Dwarfism is a genetic disorder that sometimes occur in lots of dog breeds. Dwarf Blue French Bulldogs can suffer from lots of joint issues and breathing issues. This is why it is not recommended to breed dwarf French Bulldogs. A reliable dog breeder will never breed dwarf dogs.

Features of the Miniature Blue French Bulldog

The Miniature Blue French Bulldog looks the same as the standard French Bulldog. The only thing is that these dogs are small in size and do not require a lot of outdoor time. These are low energy dogs so they only need short walks around the block. 

Any person who has their heart set on buying a Miniature Blue French Bulldog is required to know the costs of taking care of them. A good breeder will help you know about taking care of these dogs and the risks associated with owning one.