Our Dogs

Our Dogs are our Family. We sleep with them and eat with them. LOL.  Well, nearly. The point is that we are not just Breeding dogs. We had the dogs first and then we fell in love with the breed and then we decided to try and breed the best dog possible after learning that there were actually very few breeders of French Bulldogs out there that seemed very concerned about much more than business.

We breed our girls only once a year. And lately, we are representing grand children that are having puppies. This has allowed some of our dogs to retire. Just the same, the bloodlines are perpetuated. Enjoy some of the history that comes with owning a puppy that comes from our bloodline.

Our dogs were once puppies too and we just love being reminded of that time through the experience of new puppies. Similarities are common. So, if you decide to adopt a puppy from us you can see here a glimpse of what you will actually end up with when your baby is a fully grown French Bulldog.


Riley is our…….


Angel is our…….


Kamal is our…….

Optimus Prime

Gigi is our…….