Why Feeding Raw Works Best for the French Bull Dog

Okay so you want to know what exactly makes up this Raw diet? Well here are a few things that I feed my French Bull Dog Bleu over the months:


Chicken-necks, wings, legs, thighs, backs, heads, livers, gizzards
Beef-necks, ground steaks, tongue, heart, heads, tail, ribs
Turkey-necks, breasts, hearts
Pork-necks,chops, steak, hearts
Rabbit-whole without the fur
Fish-salmon, tilapia, mackerel, trout, Oyster,Red Snapper, Shrimp
Bison-liver, tongue
Lamb-meat and bone
Cornish Hens-whole
Green Tripe

The dogs need protein and fat in order to be healthy they need a balanced diet in order to thrive and be at there maximum potential with no health maladies which can be accomplished on this diet hands down. You just can’t feed your dog only chicken or ground beef the dog needs a variety of fat and protein sources . I give my dogs 5 different protein sources weekly and the proof is in how the dog looks and behaves.

Now let’s get to GRINDING!

First make sure your meat is fresh and cleaned. Set your grinding machine up; bowls and  plastic bags to put meat in.  Now we are ready to start.

Add the meat to the shoot by dropping in a piece at a time. Watch how the grinder really chops up the meat and bone. You can add spinach or kale while you grind as to add more good stuff to the meat. The grinder is fast so this should only take about 20 minutes from start to finish including clean up. Now that your grinding and making your own food, which is way better than the store, your doggie fur-ball will thrive even more and be happy eating what nature had intended all along.

Again, making your own dog food has all the best health advantages and the proof will be in how the dog looks, acts and feels. A raw diet is very healing to our fur-balls. How amazing is it to see your animal with pearly white teeth and fresh breath all the time. I have not noticed any funky blasts of farts either, that which the Frenchies are notoriously known for. It’s all clean air in my household! Since Frenchies are known for having a plethora of health issues I did research as well as trial and error.  I have been trying this myself and have been putting my dogs on this same food recipe as I eat, I have found that we all have had healings in our bodies from this Raw food diet for dog and it shows. I myself feel pretty amazing and my fur-balls have heaps of energy and it shows in there general over all health. This all translates to less vet trips, less food bills too. Not to mention less poop to pick up.  There bodies absorb the raw nutrients and this goes straight to where its needed in the body and whats left is waste which is small amounts of poop.  It can be noted as it has been studied that dogs eating raw food digest nearly 97% of the food wasting only 3%. There bodies uses all that raw goodness as fuel.

I get so excited and get a kick out of creating their daily raw meals. I don’t give them the same meat on a daily basis. I create a different meal each day so they are looking forward to see whats on the menu. Once you get the hang of creating and making meals it becomes fun. Its fun for me because I get to be specific about each of my dogs. Each dogs needs are different. Ever go to the pet store and spend hours reading bags of food looking at ingredients comparing and scratching your head?? This bag of kibble does not have what my dog needs or too much or not enough. So I decided to take control and make specifically what I want them to have, giving them the absolute best.

The RAW DIET , Hands down, IS THE BEST!!

KIBBLE is DEAD food!!!

The RAW DIET, hands down, is the best and I have tried the top brands from Origen dog food to Pedigree and its all bullshit. All dry kibble from the highest price to the lowest price with all its fancy ingredients is a DEAD food!!! No nutritional value what so ever. No wonder the animals are sick. Unhealthy diets in humans and animals leads to disease in our bodies but this all can be changed with a simple change in the diet. I am happy to report that all of my fur-balls are thriving on a Raw diet. Even my senior Rottweiler who had severe arthritis! She is eight years old and I was thinking of putting her down because she could barley walk. She was in severe pain and the medication the Vets put her on made her more sickly with side effects. I decided to try her on raw foods and within 30 days my senior Rottweiler is running and jumping like a teenager. So now I can toss in the trash the medications with all the terrible side effects my Rottweiler does not need that anymore. She gets everything she needs in the Raw diet and that I am thankful for. Now its time to Grind baby 🙂