The first time someone asked me this question when I took my little french bull dog puppy for a walk at the local dog park I was astounded. As a new pet owner, I was enthusiastic about all aspects of my new French bulldog puppy. I had researched many things even so it had never occurred to me to check about coat shedding fur french bull dogs. I got home and looked up the subject straight away on the internet where information though abundant was confusing. So the next best option was to confirm all my findings with the breeder from whom I bought the Frenchie pup.


What I discovered is that all animals dogs and humans included have seasonal shedding of their hair or fur coats. My French bull dog was no exception. Having said that I also noted two additional points from the many online articles and forum discussions I had read, which my breeder confirmed. The first point to note was that French bulldogs have only one coat of fur or hair (it is called a topcoat) unlike many other canine pedigree dog breeds many of whom have two coats of fur ( which are called an undercoat and a topcoat). Consequently given that French bulldogs have only a topcoat of very short hairs, Frenchies shed moderate or less fur or hair from their topcoat.

The second point to note was the important difference between seasonal natural shedding and excessive shedding

Seasonal natural shedding in French bulldogs was very manageable. In fact it could be minimal and can be maintained easily at natural levels with a..

  • proper and regular diet
  • fish oil and vitamins supplements
  • the types of shampoo used
  • other topcoat products used
  • frequency of baths given
  • and brushing

However, excessive or sudden shedding including patchiness was something to look out for. It would require a visit to the veterinarian as it could be indicative of a range of medical conditions from allergies to something more serious. This then was the important distinction that I had to keep in mind. All those visions of hair all over my carpet, bed, and sofa which had to be vacuumed once a day if not twice that had come into my head when I was asked that question in the dog park disappeared – Poof, Into thin air! I breathed a visible sigh of relief.


Top Tips for Caring for Your French Bulldog’s Coat

So here I am listing out below a home made list of tips that can keep the topcoat of your French Bulldogs healthy and keep shedding at the natural minimum. French bull dogs will never be shedding free nor can any other pet dog or cat be shedding free to the best of my knowledge. I am no expert on this but this is my two bits for what it’s worth.

Fish oil and vitamin supplements

So fish oil and vitamin supplements are easily available with and may often even be recommended by your veterinarian. While it maybe an excellent idea to make sure your french bull dog puppy gets these from the food he or she eats regularly it may not always be possible to ensure this. So yes supplements are an easy way to ensure nutrition but it’s also super effective. Excessive intake or self medication without consultation with the veterinarian can lead to allergic reactions in your Frenchie including shedding so be careful to avoid that.


Yes, too many baths can also lead to excessive or increased fur shedding, especially amongst Frenchie puppies. Perhaps once a fortnight or even once a month is ok for a shampoo/soap and water bath. Every week a dry shampoo can also be great for keeping your puppy clean. Of course, any mud playing needs a bath after irrespective.


Regular brushing of your French Bulldogs’ topcoat with an old fashioned brush is a great way to lose extra hairs that may fall here and there while your French bulldog walks about. This applies more also to grown up French bulldogs and not only Frenchie pups.

Healthy Diet

This is an important factor that contributes to hair or fur shedding. A well-balanced diet high in natural protein as far as possible ensures a healthy topcoat with only natural minimal shedding.

Shampoo and other pet products

These are a great source of allergies so before you buy a box load be very careful to test them in a little quantity in your Frenchie’s topcoat for allergic reactions that your pup or adult dog may have to these. Fur shedding or patchiness can both be a consequence of using a wet shampoo or dry shampoo not suitable for pets.