Optimus Prime

We invested a tone of money into Optimus Prime and boy are we pleased! He’s just 8 months old and our newest STUD muffin already working his magic! This is a ROJO BIG ROPE FLUFFY, very rare. He comes from the GOAT. His father is from the UK in the above pic. Again European bloodline the best healthiest FRENCHIES come from there!  They have the healthiest genetics and always pass their health panels. We do DNA test all our dogs to insure we are breeding healthy puppies. They have full health panels. He rolls on his back in bed at night and cuddles like a little bear cub. Im obsessed with this one! He is a dream boat with unbelievable color and tone to his coat. You would be amazed and blown away by his coat and demeanor.

STUD SERVICE: Optimus’s sperm is very valuable producing an especially rare BIG ROPE ROJO FLUFFY. We can mail you his sperm or meet at the local VET in Woodland HILLDS. Give us a call to discuss. We guarantee pregnancy if you follow our guidelines of  progesterone testing that will indicate with accuracy when fertile dates are. You see Riley in all the pictures. 805-876-5000