Rawbyn’ Way 🙂

These and many questions crossed our minds at some time or the other especially when we have a new puppy or pet added to the household. What are the cheapest foods, what are the best kibble and snacks and how often should I feed? Well, I say toss ALL of that out of the window everything learned or what someone told you about the old way you feed your dog and see how I have fed my dogs. The difference is amazing. I too started off with kibble from A to Z from high price to low from canes meats and after 35 years of feeding this way my dogs had disease skins disorders.
Dirty teeth and bad breath excessive hair shedding no gloss of coat really many many trips to the vet and even deaths from diseases.

So by now, I am exhausted from kibble because I have tried everything. So now I have new dogs since my last pack has passed on. I said to myself I want to do something very different something outside of the box 😉 so I purchased a Caucasian Shepard puppy and a French Bulldog. These dogs are totally different in size. One has a plethora of health issues and the other minimum so what can I do so that these dogs to have minimum to No health issues?? Do lions have diabetes in the wild?? Or skin issues, as a matter of fact, there are no vets in the wild either so after thinking on those lines.

I decided to do the research myself and after lots of reading and having amazing talks with Dr. Marika Zoll and also purchased one of her French Bulldogs to even better the breeds that I have decided to take the plunge and give my dogs raw meats and everything icky and yucky on an animal and in the ocean it was trial and error the first couple of weeks but then it began to be easy like a breeze. The dogs love
  • Raw meats
  • Salmon heads
  • Duck
  • Chicken feet
  • Chicken
  • Beef hearts
  • Lamb
  • Rabbit
and the list goes on. This way is very healing. Teeth are white and gums are pink, skin and coat shine like dipped in gloss. The muscle is lean and solid. Bright eyes less visits to the vet to none. Raw meaty bones act like big toothbrushes both my dogs have white teeth and pink gums.
My Frenchie does not fart that’s right. Actually, I’m still waiting have not had one fart on a Raw diet. Please come along on our journey of discovering Raw and also I can share amazing healthy recipes that are aimed at everything on the dog inside and out.