Giving your dog a bath can either be a fun enjoyable experience, or an absolute nightmare.  Puppies will either love or hate the water and unfortunately there is NO middle ground.  When you are giving your Frenchie a bath you need to consider a few things.  You should know how many times per month your puppy should be bathed.  Washing a dog too frequently can strip their skin and coat of the essential oils that are needed to keep their skin healthy and coat shiny.

Before you begin you need to be prepared with all your

  • grooming tools,
  • shampoos,
  • combs and
  • towels.

The last thing you want to do is carry a soaking wet dog through the house in search of a clean towel!

Bathing Techniques and Tips

Begin bathing your French Bulldog when they are young so they can get used to the idea and acclimate to being submerged in water.  Place the puppy in a deep sink or a bathtub and reward them with praise for staying still.  Give them treats to reinforce the good behavior.

Use lukewarm/tepid water and avoid getting soap in the ears and eyes at all costs. Take some water in your hands and pat their head/nose gently.  Make sure you wash their head last because that will reduce their urge to shake water off during the bath creating a huge mess and rinse very well.

Addressing Pet Odor and Grooming

Pet odor is caused by many different things.  On long haired dogs, fur will become matted and collect dirt.  Infected dirty ears can cause an unpleasant odor as well.  Make sure to check the ears during bath time for any signs of infection or excessive dirt.  Dental problems can also be a source of bad odor.  Check teeth during bath time, look for swollen gums or missing teeth.  Call your vet if you notice anything out of the ordinary.

Nail clipping should come after the bath unless you have a groomer regularly tend to your French Bulldog’s nails.  Massage your puppies paws and praise them for staying still.  Gently squeeze the paw to extend the nail to differentiate between the nail itself and the quick.  If you cut too far down it will hurt and the quick will start bleeding.  Make sure you have some Quick Stop on hand to stop any bleeding that may occur.  If you are unsure how to clip the nails, have a professional show you how to clip the nails without hurting them.