Princessa Lorena

LORENA is the sweetest most submissive princess!  She  loves  chasing butterflies and  sunbathing. She’s a very peaceful dog! Loving and submissive. Sweet and cuddly. Never barks or misbehaves. She’s a wonderful girl. We love having quality frenchies that live into their mid to late teens. She has rarely been to the vet.

Lorena was already in the show ring at 4 months getting ”Best in Puppy” with a gold medal. Her father is a Grand Champion as you can see above. I knew her genes were great. She is a gift from god. I cannot imagine life without her. This is her beautiful mother below!

I brought my little girl home to Ocean about 2 years ago. We have a swimming pool, she loves to jump in it to cool down after chasing butterflies. It was like “love at first sight”. They slept together in the crate from day one, snoring together harmoniously. Although my dogs look actually quite different from each other, they each have physical traits that stand out as being special. Gigi has a perpetual baby face. The picture here to the right is “present ” day. She is pregnant in that picture. Notice how little she has actually changed. A baby that takes after her would have that same “baby face”. A puppy that takes after “Dad” would have a magnificent larger head that is most definitely not a baby face. Gigi also has smaller eyes.