I recently just purchased a French bulldog puppy and his name is blue he’s a very active little guy and he has a very healthy appetite. When you do the research on a French bulldog puppy you find that the dog has many possible health issues like all pure breed dogs do please do the research.

So when doing the research I was looking for a dog kibble that would satisfy all of the puppies nutritional needs. On the packaging, the ingredients looked amazing and the price was high but anything is worth it when it comes to the health of your animal. I used origin dog food, one of the most expensive foods on the market. My puppy blue was on this dog food for two weeks before I stopped it. He was bloated he had diarrhea he picked over his food he basically had no interest. I still left the food there for him to eat because it is costly you know and he still did not eat it. So then I tried cooking his food. I have a pressure cooker I started using fresh organic meat and vegetables and I would prepare this daily for him and he enjoyed that.

So in blue enjoying his food I did not see any health benefits. I just realize that he was full and happy. Then I started to think what about raw? Because when you cook your food all of the nutritional value is gone is dead it’s cooked out of the food. Raw food which is uncooked has all of the nutritional value in the food it’s alive and it has all of the living enzymes and organisms needed to heal. That’s a no-brainer. So I switched from kibble which is dead food to Raw food which is alive. In the four months that my French bulldog puppy blue has been raw his health is amazing. He’s very lean intergenic happy solid, shiny coat smaller stools improve digestion better weight management great dental health pink gums white teeth. For dogs who don’t suffer from health issues feeding a top-quality raw diet can enhance energy level behavior and a general good mood in any animal. Just think how do you feel after you eat a good healthy meal?

The truth about Raw…

Is this dangerous for your pet? Of course not! It’s their natural diet in the wild.

Since they are not in the wild but in our homes it’s still up to the owners that’s me and you to supply a well balanced Raw meal that will only enhance their bodies and wellbeing the correct way raw food goes directly where it’s needed and the body uses it all.

Do the research. I use all meats and organs some exotic meats too as well as all icky things fishnheads antioxidants pre and probiotics different oils and herbs the list goes on. The fun part for me is making my own raw dog food for my pets. I invested in a commercial meat grinder it weighs about 50 pounds and it does what I needed to do and that’s ground up meat and chicken bones to give to the babies. I really enjoyed creating healthy meals that they enjoy eating that’s nutritious and healing to their bodies. I will be posting videos of how I grind and prepare the foods that I get my animals. All of this can be quite frightening in the beginning but as time goes along it becomes really simple. Well, you’re asking what should dogs be eating a raw diet well your dog needs RAM muscle meet organs fatty tissue and bones.

Now the fun part begins how much raw food do I feed my dog?

You start off by writing down your dogs wait for example my French bulldog weighs 40 pounds so you calculate 2 to 3% of that number that would equal to a range of 0.8 to 1.2 pounds of food per day. So i feed blue one and a half pounds of food per day. If the dog weighed more weight it would be more food. OK now we’re in business now that we have determined how much dog food to feed your dog now we must determine your dog’s activity level…

  • Is your dog inactive?
  • Is your dog active?
  • Is your dog average?
  • Is your dog a working dog?

Where does your dog fall when it comes to considering activity level but let’s not get too hung up on that. Most dogs fall with the inactive or average categories starting with 2% of their body weight is a good course of action if you believe your dog is more active consider bumping their starting percentage up to 2.5 to 3% of your bodyweight.