About our Health Guarantee

This is a conversation with a client:

You are welcome to call my vet and verify the specifics you need. My intention with the “Health Guarantee” is to  eliminate your worries about any health issues with your dog. It might benefit you to read it over again to put your mind at ease. You have a signed copy.

We have been breeding for nearly a decade and would never breed unhealthy dogs. My mother dogs have a record with 2 different vets, my local vet and the specialist of this breed that I recommended to you, Dr. Jackson of Warner Center Vet  Hospital and Dr. Jeff Werber in Westwood. Both of these vets are famous for their specialty with Brachycephalic (Smashed face) breeds. It is our practice to vet check all our puppies, 1 by 1, before they leave to their forever homes. Your puppy was checked by Dr. Jackson. Specifically puppies are checked for heart murmur, eyes, hips and knees.  Enzo was cleared for all of these as I presume your vet has also done.