A couple of days ago, I was searching the internet for 2016’s best and most popular breeds of pet dogs. Amongst breeds like golden retrievers and terriers, I came across the breed of French bull dogs which were very much in demand with photos of French bull dog puppies, which by the way are the cutest ever puppies, with their flat squashed noses, round face and big eyes. As I read more and more I began to understand the popularity of these dogs. It was so difficult to resist their cuteness quotient that would melt the toughest heart, when they saw pictures of the cute bluish purplish black puppies with the most beautiful soulful brown eyes, Blue French Bull Dogs do truly have the cutest pups. Blue French bull dogs have been very popular over the last two centuries, as pets and companions especially amongst the rich and famous including many Hollywood celebrities not to say the least.

A bit about the American Kennel Club and FBDCA Breeding Standards
So why don’t they qualify ? Well, the American Kennel Club in its breeding standard clearly states that

  • brindle,
  • brindle and white,
  • cream,
  • fawn,
  • fawn and white,
  • fawn brindle,
  • white,
  • white and brindle,
  • white and fawn,
  • cream and white,
  • fawn brindle and
  • white

are recogonised colors. All other colors being disqualified colors, such as chocolate, mouse ( but not mouse grey like in the French breeding standards), liver amongst other colors. The American Kennel Club recognized markings are ticked, brindle markings, black mask, piebald and white markings. Even so blue brindle French bull dogs or blue french bull dogs can still be registered with the American Kennel Club as pets and even with the Kennel Club in the UK and in the future as blue French bull dogs grow healthier and healthier they may qualify soon with the American Kennel Club.

Famous French Bulldogs and their Famous Owners

Even so none of this controversy has in any way affected the popularity of blue French bull dogs as pets, companions and even commercial and sitcom stars. Their popularity and their facebook fan following continues to grow. Hollywood celebrity and actress Reese Witherspoon who was recently declared by PEOPLE magazine as amongst one of the most beautiful women of 2016 has a beautiful blue grey French bull dog named Pepper who is the latest addition to her family of lovable mutts. TV Sitcom actor, Zach Braff who is the star of the popular television show Scrubs also has as a second pet, a friendly blue French bull dog called Scooter. Lady GaGa’s pet blue French bull dog named Asia has a luminous bluish purplish coat. And thats not all, the number of Hollywood celebrities who fancy this regal and very expensive French bull dog pedigree breed is many more. Hugh Jackman’s pet french bull dog named Dali is a beautiful fawn color with bluish undertones to his coat. Leonardo di Caprio’s pet French bull dog is named Django and is also a fawn blue French bull dog. Christina Ricci and her pet dog named Ramon, Martha Stewart with Bete Noire and Creme Brulee ( and her previous french bull dogs, Francesca and Sharkey) the list is endless and it is heartening to see that all these beautiful dogs are cherished pets and companions.

That’s not all, there are many French bull dogs who are celebrities in their own right and not vicariously through their famous owners. From being the stars of commercials for Audi, and vintage ones for Jaguar to facebook pages live uploads and huge facebook fan followings and also appearances as stars of TV sitcoms and Hollywood films.