How To Treat A Cold Your Blue Frenchie Just Caught

You just brought home your blue French bulldog puppy and you’ve noticed that he got the sniffles and then the next thing he sneezes and the next thing he coughs and it seems your puppy has a cold.

Now your dog has a flat face it’s called brachycephalic syndrome and it means that all the cavities inside the head are closer and more squished together. The result of this when having a cold is at the snot or the mucus gets much more easily trapped up inside. Your blue French bulldog is at a much higher risk of the cold  turning into a secondary infection such as  an pneumonia then a breed that has a long nose and a big open throat.

With all of this in consideration I’m now going to walk you through the steps that will prevent your dog from ever getting very very sick from what started out as a cold that can become an pneumonia.

As a note – we make sure we cover all aspect when we offer our blue french bulldogs for sale, and every frenchie we breed and offer up for buying is a result of our carefully followed breeding steps and regulations.

At the $.99 store,they have them everywhere, it can become your newest friend because you can pick up so many medicinal tools for treating a cold whether it be your self or your dog there for just a dollar. Therefore, I recommend you go and stock up and have it ready to go should this happen. I’m writing this post in the middle of winter and even though in California it rarely freezes I myself have a miserable cold and boy am I glad that there are medications that I can take to help me along.

If it’s just a light wet sniffle there’s probably not much to worry about but if you hear coughing beginning and if you can put your ear to the side of your dogs chest and hear any sort of noise in there other than the the sound of a clear breath then your dog has mucus in his upper respiratory section of his chest.

This is pretty normal and can be easily maintained but you don’t want to ignore it. Right away go to a website called and order yourself straightaway a nebulizer for about $35. They might be called a travel nebulizer. You don’t want to own a French Bulldog and not own one of these too.  

Here’s how my routine goes when I have a dog with a bad cold. Get yourself one of those inexpensive plastic crates like the ones they use in the airlines in other words not one that’s wide open with wire all around but one that you could cover all the openings with clear packing tape and create a sort of cubicle.  Here is a great example very affordable prices.

Pick up clear packing tape and tape over all openings and just leave one hole in the middle of the door where you’re going to put the nipple of the nebulizer through the hole. We will use just Saline solution to put into the nebulizer. Again this can be acquired at the $.99 store. Not contact lens solution but 100% pure saline salt solution. Saline matches the bodily fluids and when inhaled into the lungs can’t cause any harm.

This is entirely different from water. Don’t get confused and think that water can substitute for saline because it cannot.  

Put your blue French bulldog puppy inside of the crate with something to chew on like a bully stick and then hang a towel over the front and turn on your nebulizer and go and have a cuppa tea or make dinner for the next 30 minutes. Thirty minutes later you’re a little pup will be very happy to see you. It will probably have fallen asleep inside the chamber.

Get them out of there and stick them on your lap and now you’re going to coupage the dog. Coupaging is the means by which she will beat like a drum on his outer rib cage which is protecting the lung. You should cup your hand. It creates more friction upon pounding and with a pretty vigorous patting action go back-and-forth from the right side to the left site pounding one through 10 and switch to the other side one through 10 and switch and so on back-and-forth. Set the timer on your phone to 10 minutes. It’s going to feel like a very long 10 minutes but this step is prudent to follow the nebulizing chamber.

What the nebulizer does is saturate the inner lining of the lungs with the saline which essentially soaks the mucus and makes it now possible to knock it loose from the inner lining of the lungs. If you do this strategically for a couple of days three times a day your dog will recover much faster and you will never have to worry about an ammonia setting in.  See this video:

This is actually how they treat dogs that are hospitalized with pneumonia only at the charge rate of probably a couple hundred dollars. I always use this technique when my dogs get a cold or a cough and since I’ve been doing this I’ve never again had an animal or a French Bulldog  go to the hospital.

Additional medicinal remedies:

At the 99cent store look for “mucous relief” pills. The dose is 400mg qualfenisin. This helps to loosen mucous. It is equal to Mucinex. You break the pills in half so that you have a 200 mg dose and you can give this as frequently as every four hours but I give only as needed if I hear a dog coughing. Be certain that you’re not grabbing a box that has also an additional cough suppressant in the pill. It must be ONLY qualfenisen.

A NATURAL REMEDY to help the body expel fluids, a natural diuretic is DANDELION TINCTURE picked up at a health food store. The dose is .5 ml per 10 pounds twice a day. I combine with echinacea tincture. Equal dosing is okay. Echinacea is an immune stimulator.

Lastly vitamin C children’s tabs 50mg are good for a dog too. They have it too at 99 cent store. Give twice a day.

If you do all these things:

1. Nebulize three times a day  with coupage drumming on lungs

2. Give mucous pill if cough

3 Dandelion twice a day

4 echinacea twice a day

5. Vitamin c 50 mg

YOUR blue French bulldog puppy will be fine. Following these directions from when you have a puppy and it will develop good habits for prolonged health of your dog.