Feeding Your Blue French Bulldog Healthy Puppy Food

Here’s an article I wrote about that is all about blue french bulldog puppy food! Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it!

I’m surprised almost on a daily basis as I talk to people and ask them this question what does your dog eat. Still most of the time people will tell me the name of their favorite brand of kibble. It’s then my turn to suggest that they become aware of the possibilities of what they can do better for the dog.

I’m now talking about feeding your dog raw food. And by raw I mean food that’s not been cooked or not been processed in anyway completely pure virgin food perhaps it’s been ground up but nothing more than that and nothing added to it that’s anything but natural.

Are you giving your blue frenchie puppy the right dog diet?

If you’re reading this and you’re one of those surprise people then I ask you to reflect back on your self as a human and what it is that you eat and what it is that you’ve learned about your diet. Now if you’re still making regular stops at the fast food restaurants and if you’re still drinking soda and consuming all kinds of things that you probably know have attitudes and been processed at Cetera then maybe this will be harder for you to grasp because it’s not yet become a habit in your life but for most of us I think we know what really the right way to go is whether we practice what we preach is another story so let’s talk about what’s best for us.

Fresh foods foods that are coming from Animals that haven’t been injected with hormones. Foods that have not been extremely processed. For example would you rather eat instant mashed potatoes or mashed potatoes were you cook the potatoes yourself and then mash them up?

Changing Bad Blue Frenchie Dog Feeding Habits

Naturally if given an easy choice most people would go for the natural but it’s more work and life is busy and were usually in a rush so many of us my periodically opt for the box of instant potatoes knowing full well that it’s not the best choice but do we do this every single day of our lives? How about fresh vegetables? Do you eat those or do you at least know that those are good for you. Or do you prefer vegetables coming out of a can? Or maybe you like the in between stage where they’re frozen and they’re in the freezer and so you can supposedly do that extra quick but the truth is you can steam a row that’s the bowl in less than five minutes so the whole frozen thing not really a good excuse but we are creatures of habit and before all of this knowledge came to the forefront many of us God inhabits that our parents taught us.

But habits put aside don’t you really truly know that fresh vegetables are best and if you went to a restaurant when you prefer one where you were getting fresh steamed vegetables? Fortunately most vegetables served in restaurants are fresh in fact I can’t remember a time that I got something hand in a restaurant so you could argue that I only eat at the finest restaurants but that’s not actually true in the small town where I live I go to monde Paul places and very middle of the road price places and vegetables are fresh salads are fresh you can even get brussels sprouts at the local pub.

Yes Brussels sprouts! Point is we know what’s good for us whether or not we practice what’s being preached is another story but we do know and you know what else is interesting is we know that we probably have a long enough life to maybe change your bad habits and start the better diet next week or next month but the point is that you know and you have a long life. Now let’s talk about your dog.

Be both a Lucky AND a Happy Owner of a Blue French Bulldog Puppy!

Are you the lucky new owner of a blue French bulldog puppy? You spent a pretty significant price tag for this puppy and you chose it because it was extra special and unique and there are less of them out there than the standard colors.

Why wouldn’t you do the best possible service of a diet that you possibly can for your dog.

Think about this your dog lives 15 to 20 years against you living four times as long so doesn’t his diet seem like it might be four times more important I mean maybe you think that’s a silly comparison but seriously their lives are so short why are we doing all that we can to support longevity of life for our pets? So here’s the astounding to scientific fact.

I study on raw food for dogs was done. The study prolonged for 27 years because the dogs that ate raw food live 21 to 27 years. The dogs at eight Kimball live 14 to 15 years.

This is a fact you can Google it and find this information it is A true story.  The study group was Beagle’s that are also considered a medium size dog. Your blue French bulldog is considered medium size dog and should have a longevity of 15 years of life assuming you do all the right things exercise and diet and if you other things that will talk about more later. But those are big.

Don’t not walk your dog enough because you think that French Bulldogs LA and aren’t as hardy as a Labrador. Your French Bulldog loves exercise maybe just not as long a walk as the Labrador but certainly several walks per day. And your dog will love Ross food.

Here are my suggestions for what to include in a raw food diet for blue frenchies

I have tried many brands and there is no comparison to the quality of nature varieties instinct raw food. It’s dense and hearty and more fulfilling than many other foods I’ve tried. Stella’s chewies is also a very good brand and also primal. Other than these three I’ve been very disappointed with products that have more water added and are so much see that a dog can easily take a bite. Those foods might be recommended for mixing with the cable but if you’re feeding straight on raw try one of these three brands.

Only thing lacking in these pre-made raw foods in the package like this that you keep in the freezer and you defrost and then they are good for about five days in your refrigerator is that they are soft and lacking of crunch. And some people would argue that the teeth could suffer but I say it just isn’t as fun to eat if your food is always mushy so here’s your remedy.

Supplement one meal a day with a raw chicken wing or neck. Yes I said raw as in not cooked. Everybody will say but what about the bones but all the nightmare stories about the bones are about cooked chicken bones that are brittle and can’t hurt your dog but as long as they are the non-weightbearing parts of the chicken they are safe.

Observe How Your Blue Pup Eats…

I suggest that you begin with your blue French bulldog puppy to observe him the first time you give him a raw chicken wing. Watch him not on it and probably the bones will break inside the skin before he can even ripped the skin open. After which you can pick it up and with a pair scissors cut it into smaller more bite-size pieces.

I promise you this will entertain your puppy like a toy for a solid half hour bringing a new kind of joy to eating his meal and quite frankly your dog could survive splendidly off the raw chicken wings and chicken necks.

Lastly go to the grocery store and look for a rack of beef spareribs bones. Bones in general are good for dental health. You can buy those green dental chews but I tell you this is Fr Sienna. Go and look for a whole rack of ribs in the package there are seven to the right side and seven to the left side.

That makes for 14 or pieces which she will then go to the counter in the back and asked the butcher if he could please cut it in half. Ask him though first if he would please mind cutting the knobby part on one and off because there are small movable Chocobo pieces there get rid of them it’s about 2 inches of the length of the bone and then cut what’s left in half.

You will be left with 28 pieces that are 4 inches long. When you get home cut the Cartridge is a part and put all the individual pieces in your freezer spread them around so they don’t stick together and after about an hour you can pile them up in a Ziploc bag. Are no set for the next 28 days with a Boner day.

Do all you can to bring up the healthiest blue french bulldog puppy that ever lived and who could live to be 20 years old!! Feed your dog like you feed yourself… well and healthy and natural!!