Litter picture Blue Fawns

Blue French bulldogs are one of the rarest and the most expensive colors in the French Bulldog lineage. You can recognise these dogs with their distinct appearance such as the bat ears, short coat, a smushed face and a great expression on their faces. The only thing different about a Blue French bulldog is their rare bluish grey color and their price.

The Blue French bulldog price can be up to $10,000. These dogs are flat faced dogs and are known for their looks and their great personality. The Blue French Bulldog is said to have health issues so they are not recognised by the AKC. These dogs were first seen in the United States in the early 1900’s and they became very popular among the rich and famous. The French Bulldog has become one of the most popular dogs in the United States and has become the 4th most popular dog in the United States.

How Were Blue French Bulldogs Bred

Blue French Bulldogs are widely popular for their fur and are also associated with lots of health issues in their lineage. There are some common misconceptions about Blue French bulldogs not being healthy. Blue French bulldogs are healthy if they are bred properly and carefully by an experienced breeder. 

Their genes are responsible for this change in their beautiful coat color. People often believe that Blue French bulldogs are not healthy and get sick more often than the standard colors of the breed. The condition Color Dilution Alopecia (CDA) is responsible for the common misconceptions that people have for the Blue French bulldog. It is important to choose the best dogs for breeding for a really good litter. A majority of Blue French bulldog puppies come out very healthy and have a really beautiful coat color.

If both the dam and the sire carry this dilute gene then it is very likely that the litter will have a bluish grey coat. The dilute gene will also turn their nose and their eyes blue.

Delving into French Bulldog Breeding

As a breed, French Bulldogs cannot reproduce naturally because of their large heads. Breeders have to look out for these dams every step of the way. The litter is unexpected like any other breed. Frenchies tend to have 4-5 puppies in a litter. 

The average price of a French Bulldog puppy is around $3,000 and $4,000. However, if the litter is from a champion dog or a pedigree, the costs of these puppies can go around $5,500 – $10,000. 

The Blue gene being rare can have a price range of around $4500 – $7000. Blue French bulldog puppies are difficult to breed because the breeders have to find suitable dogs that carry the dilute gene.

Color Variations of Blue French Bulldogs

Blue French bulldog colors can vary depending on which color their parents were. These are some of the variations of the Blue French bulldog.

Blue Fawn French bulldog

This type of blue French bulldog can look a little dusky in color. They not only carry double recessive genes as the pied and blue ones but also the genes for the fawn color. Blue fawn French Bulldogs also carry the brindle gene which may turn the Frenchie’s fur brindle on the ears, the eyes and the back. Blue fawn French bulldog for sale can be hard to find as they are pretty rare.

Blue Merle French Bulldog

A Blue and a Merle French Bulldog is used to create this color. There is a very high chance that the French Bulldog litter will turn out to be a Blue Merle French Bulldog litter as it is a dominant gene. The gene dilutes the colors of the coat to a color which is lighter than the original. These genes give the puppy a very different color with patches of different shapes and sizes. The cost is very high for this pup if you want to buy a Merle french bulldog for sale.

Blue Brindle French bulldog

A Blue brindle French bulldog has a blue/grey coat with some traces of brindle. These can be visible when the puppy is around 4 weeks old.

Why You Should Adopt A Blue French Bulldog 

Blue French bulldogs are perfect for anyone who loves small apartment dogs and are looking for one. This is a very adaptable dog who can also be comfortable with small apartments. 

You need to be able to dish out some money to take care of Blue French bulldogs as they can be high maintenance. They require regular health checkups and a great diet to keep their coat healthy and beautiful. 

Blue French bulldogs are a great choice if you are considering buying Blue French bulldog puppies for sale. They are the same as a standard French Bulldog but with a beautiful looking coat.