A Blue French bulldog is considered a small to medium dog breed which depends on the size of the dam and the sire’s size and weight. One of the first things that potential buyers ask is how big will the puppy get? This is an important question when you are buying a blue French bulldog for your house. 

Growth Factors

Male blue French bulldogs will get as heavy as 28 lbs and not more than that. Most of them will be smaller than this. The size of the parents highly influences the size of the puppy. A litter can have small puppies as well as a large puppy. The small one can grow up to be a large pup and likewise. Also, some pups will stop growing and will be smaller than the rest of the group.

Some Frenchies can be deliberately bred to smaller Frenchies or the so-called “runt of the litter” to create a miniature French bulldog. Carefully breeding them will not pose any threats to the pup and they will live their lives healthy without any health issues. 

How big your Blue Frenchie will get?

There are some formulas by which you can estimate the weight of the puppy. You should weigh them at the age of 8 weeks to help estimate their weight when they are fully grown. You can write down the weight in ounces at 8 weeks (88 ounces) and multiply it by 4 (i.e. 352 ounces). Divide this number by 16 (352/16) and then you’ll get the estimated adult weight in pounds (i.e. 22 pounds). 

This formula can or cannot be accurate as it depends on the health and how well you take care of them. You need not worry if this number is accurate or not.

Rate of Growth

Your blue French bulldog puppy will grow fully between the age of 9-12 months. Growing varies differently in different pups. Some will grow exponentially, and some will grow slowly but steadily. You don’t have to worry if some grow slowly as they will eventually in time. Around 9-12 months, your pup will grow as tall as they are going to be for the rest of their lives. 

After your blue French bulldog grows tall enough, they will look a little thin by French bulldog standards. This is perfectly normal as they will continue to gain weight and will gain their short and stocky look between the ages of 20-24 months. Unless you make changes to their diet or their routine, they will stabilize their weight and will keep their look for the rest of their lives. 2 years is the maximum amount of time for a blue French bulldog to fully mature. 


No one can predict the size of a French bulldog litter. It all adds up to how healthy the litter is and how well they are taken care of when they are born. It all depends upon the genes of the parents and how healthy the dam is and how well the dam is taken care of when she is pregnant. All of these factors determine the size of the litter.