Potty Training Blue Frenchies – How These Dogs Learn Fast

Let’s talk about potty training your new blue frenchies. Now I won’t say that color of the dog has something to do with how well and how specs or not but certainly breeds have specific tendencies in nature to be better at some stuff then other stuff for example we know that if you want to dog to dance literally you should get yourself a border collie.

French Bulldogs LA is in such a way that many of them have a hard time with good long balance standing on 2 feet so for real I wouldn’t recommend this Breed if you want the dancing dog for competition.

However I do find the French Bulldog to be very smart about learning to first use PP pads. And if you have a blue French bulldog puppy it’s certainly falls into this classification in my business we have for households and as is often the case seasonally litters are born and many times within days of each other and I will not reside more than one litter in one household of the time.

We begin young puppies with newspaper. Yes shredded newspaper works very well and gives them a sense of going  on paper however the shredded business would be a mess if you tried that on a slab floor and we keep our puppies in contain pens with borders that hold back the messy paper business.

As they get older and we move them into the big puppy room where they have freedom to run around the room that is about 400 ft.² they will know learn that the place to pee and poo is on the special PP pad. The Best Buy for these is at Costco if you remember otherwise I always find the next best buy at stores like Ross or TJ Maxx or home goods. The price significantly can vary between $15-$40 for 100 people had. So now that you’re stocked up on your pee pads no less than the minimum box of 100 upon arriving home with your new puppy on the first day gate off an area that has hardwood floors or tile flooring.

At minimum every house has a kitchen that is not carpeted. Hopefully nowadays more and more homes are having hardwood floors which are optimal for having a puppy in the house. Naturally if they have an accident you just wipe it up but also there is a difference between the hardwood floor and the PP pad that should be laying on it.

To Leave pee pad on a piece of carpeting is harder for the dog to understand so until you know with certainty that your puppy will use the pee pad I highly recommend that you don’t let it wander around by itself in the carpeted areas of your Home.

So now picture your new puppy in your new home in the area where the floors are slick and flat with hardwoods or tiles or linoleum and take those pee pads and put them everywhere around the perimeter of the room literally as in a circle around the room. In this way the puppy cannot miss. Typically they go to the perimeter of the room to pee.

You will notice rather quickly that your puppy keeps returning over and over to the same couple of places and within two or three days you will be able to lift the way the papers that are not being used or I should say pee pads that are not being used. In the event your puppy squats in the middle of the room to take a pee it is not necessary to rub his nose in it like the old days he’s just learning so be nice and just take a fresh keypad late over the wet spot and then turn the pad over right side up and leave it there in place.

If the dog doesn’t really use that spot by the end of the day I would use a disinfectant wipes to clean the floor well and remove any old sent from the old pee and I would take that pee pad and move it to the area where you want the dog to go with the pee still on it. Likewise if your blue French bulldog puppy takes a poop in an undesired location if you can pick up the poop or the entire pad and lay it over the top of the location where you would prefer for the puppy to go.

If the desired poop is on the hardwood floor or some flooring where there was no pad present try to carefully pick it up and literally lay the poop down again in an area where there is a pad.

With this system in place you can now start to move your pads around to where you desire the dog to go. For example I would put pads in front of every exiting door that goes out to the yard or outside. I would also put pee pads when the door is open on the outer side of the exit of the door. Picture French doors completely open to the outside with pee pads inside at the edge as well as outside on the edge.

  • This is day one. On day to remove the inside pads of the door and leave the pads outside the door.
  • On day three pool the pads away from the door by about 10 feet.
  • And on the next day pool the pad to the furthest point and if you have a grass by now your dog may just be going directly to the grass in for going the pad. It is the nature of the dog to want to pee outside.

It is the responsibility of you, the new owner of your new blue French bulldog puppy, to take your puppy outside as frequently as possible.

  • Whenever a puppy drinks a few minutes later it will pee
  • Whenever it eats a few minutes later it will attempt to pee or poop always with in 45 minutes of eating it will poop
  • Whenever your puppy wakes up it will automatically aim to pee.

It is at these times when we can count on the puppy going to the bathroom but it’s most important that we pick the puppy up and put it outside. If you stick to this plan doing this method your puppy will be going outside to go to the bathroom.

One last fun little fact you can add to this whole business of going outside a bill that you hang from the doorknob and you can very easily take the puppy up to the bell let it make A ring sound and give the puppy a tree this should all happen in sequence with going to the bathroom.

Soon you will have a dog that rings the bell when it’s standing at the door if you don’t catch the dog standing there because he will associate ringing the bell with going outside and getting a treat when he goes to the bathroom good luck and you can always contact me with your questions just go to the contact on this website and email me