French Bulldogs LA BBB Business Review


Do You Love French Bulldog Puppies Too?

French Bulldogs LA is a French bulldog breeder located just outside Los Angeles in the Ojai Valley of Ventura County in Southern California. Recently family members have gotten passionate too about this breed and we have other locations closer to Los Angeles. We pride ourselves in a high standard of breeding ethics that produce French Bulldog Puppies for sale periodically throughout the year. French Bulldogs LA  is our company name (trademark) as once upon a time we started in Los Angeles. We aspire to kennel our dogs in the wilderness with property to run on freedom that comes only in nature, hence we settled finally in Ojai, California. French Bulldogs LA is adept with Video Calling on FaceTime or  Skype,  you name it,  to bring our puppies first into your home without a drive. Again we have now other locations in Camarillo and Ventura that might make a quicker visit possible too.  However we do urge you to meet all of our dogs in our home for a well-rounded experience in our original kennel.  You will meet there our original European French Bulldogs with amazing structure, submissive natures and those french bulldog friendly personalities that make any stranger feel welcome in our home.

My doctorate,PhD, is in clinical psychology but I furthered my degrees in animal behavioral psychology where I then also got myself certified as a dog trainer. Although I don’t advertise this skill I freely offer it to my clients and enjoy teaching my clients how to better teach their dogs. As a clinical psychologist I advocate for emotional support animals and psychiatric service dogs. As a clinical psychologist I have many patients that benefit from my experience here. This breed is particularly good in this capacity as they are so social and not at all skittish and extremely cuddly.

  The french bulldog is probably about the most SOCIAL dog in existence.  They are great with kids and other alpha dogs.  We won’t release our pups until FULLY VACCINATED  and SAFE for the dog park. All throughout COVID we have had visitors because a stroll in our 2 acre yard made social distancing simple. Many people love to make a day of it in Ojai. Would  you?  Call us or text us at  310-666-7840.

Take a look at our available french bulldog puppies for sale here and visit this page if you’re looking for blue frenchies for sale.