Bathing Your French Bulldog

Giving your dog a bath can either be a fun enjoyable experience, or an absolute nightmare.  Puppies will either love or hate the water and unfort unately there is NO middle ground.  When you are giving your Frenchie a bath you need to consider a few things.  You should know how many times per month […]

Crate Training Your Frenchie Pup


The reason crating puppies is such a beneficial and commonly used practice is simply because it makes your puppy feel safe.  When your Frenchie is in his crate, they feel comforted because it is a small and private enclosed space.  So long as the crate is never used to administer punishment to your pup, they will take to it almost instantly and love being in it.
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Choosing the Right Breed of Dog


Choosing the right puppy to fit your family, finances and lifestyle is imperative for a healthy lifelong relationship for both you and your new four legged family member.

There are many factors that must be considered when you are looking to purchase a puppy.  Do you have children?  If so, you will need to get a dog that is laid back and capable of getting along well with kids.  Do you have any other animals? Do you live in a high-rise city apartment?  These are some things that you need to take into consideration when choosing the best breed of dog to match your situation.

Are you looking for a purebred, mixed breed or a mutt? Generally, mixed breeds can be more affordable than purebreds, but a rescued mutt can also be just as loving, loyal and happy as a dog you might get from a breeder.  Additionally, the size of your living arrangements will be a huge factor in determining the size of your new dog.  How big or small of a dog do you want? And if you prefer a larger dog, do you have adequate space?  The larger the dog, the more space they need to run around to exercise.  If you don’t have a fenced yard or access to a fenced play area of adequate size, you may consider a small or toy size breed.

Puppies personalities develop around seven weeks of age.  When you are selecting your puppy, make sure they will let you pick them up and cuddle them.  Drop a book on the ground to see if the puppy runs away and hides. Get down on your hands and knees and play with the puppy.  Are they receptive to you?  Do they seem happy or timid? If you take into consideration all the factors of the puppy’s personality and your living arrangement you will have the best chance at picking out the best possible dog for you and your family.  In addition to that, you will have a positive experience with your family dog, and your new dog will have a positive experience with his new family!

Dressing Up Your Frenchie


Some people love to dress up their dogs in special designer dog clothes.  There are many options when it comes to dressing up your furry friend such as cute sweaters, t-shirts, shoes, bandannas and hats to name a few.  There seems to be no limit to what people are willing to purchase to adorn their dogs!  Dressing up a dog is more for the owner than for the animal, but as long as you get the dog used to wearing clothes and you make sure they fit comfortably, most dogs don’t mind getting dressed up!  Especially dog breeds that crave attention, they very much enjoy getting dressed up!

The internet has taken dog clothing to a whole new level offering many different websites that sell designer dog clothes.  Websites with names such as Glamour Dog, Designer Dog Wear and Paw Printz Boutique offer the top in canine fashion with many items ranging in price from 10 dollars to upwards of 100 dollars per item.

Many years ago it was not uncommon to to see dogs running around in basic knit sweaters or some other simple cute clothing, but today there are almost as many different dog clothing options are there are clothing options for people!  There are dresses and slacks, raincoats, eyewear, headwear, footwear, and every other item you could imagine. Casual wear, formal wear, beachwear, and even wedding dresses and tuxedos!

In many cases doggie designer clothing comes complete with a designer price tag. Dog dresses can often run from 40 dollars to 90 dollars.  Some of these clothing items are so specialized that they can cost more than the human equivalent!  Some personal favorites include doggie trench coats, football jerseys and doggie bathroabs!

The recent trend in dog clothing is undoubtedly spurred by the popularity of celebrity dogs such as Paris Hilton’s Tinkerbell and Anna Nicole Smith’s Sugar Pie.  If you are in the market for dog clothing that will turn heads, designer doggie duds may be just what the fashion critic has ordered! After all, what’s cuter than a pup dressed up in an evening gown?

The Importance Of ID Tagging Your French Bulldog

Last year alone, almost 20 million dogs were lost because their owners did not have the proper identification.  Even something as simple as a collar tag can help you be reunited with your dog in the event that they are picked up by a stranger.  Without any form of ID on your dog, if they go missing, the chances of them being returned to you are very slim.  Please take a moment and make sure your dog is outfitted with an ID tag.  The tag should include, at the very least, your pets name and a phone number where you can be reached at all times.

There are several different ways to make sure your dog can be properly identified and returned.  The first is an ID tag and Rabies Certificate which should be visible on the dog’s collar.  The ID tag will contain your personal information, and in the even that the ID tag is lost, the Rabies Certificate will contain a serial number that can be traced through a veterinarian.

The other device is a microchip.  This is a popular device that is placed under the dog’s skin.  A computer scanner can pick up the microchip and all the details that the chip contains.  Assuming the microchip has been registered, when scanned, your listing in the national pet registry will pull up your pet’s name, your name, current address, phone number, and any other important information pertaining to your pet to make sure they are returned safely  home.

Naming Your French Bulldog

Congratulations on bringing home your new puppy!  Now you get the fun challenge of coming up with a name that isn’t too cute or frilly and something that will fit your new pup’s personality.  Whatever name you choose, whether it’s a classic like Fido or Fifi, the name of your favorite movie star or singer, a past or current president, family member or mythical figure, we do have a few suggestions you could follow:

– you need to make sure you are picking a name you will be happy with, because you will be calling them this for many years to come!

– The shorter the name, the better it is for the dog to understand.  One to two syllables is good for a name.  If you pick one that is too long, it can also get annoying to call out a long name each time you want them to come to you.

– Always use the puppy’s name when you speak to them or praise them.  When he hears it next, he will come running because he know’s that it’s his special word.

– Don’t name the puppy something that will embarrass you or others when you have to call out the name in public.

– Take time to play with your pup and get to know them before choosing a name.  You may name him or her one name, and later come to find out that the name you selected just doesn’t fit the pups personality at all.  Give it a few days to a week and see what you decide on at that time.  There are all kinds of adorable and fitting names out there, so make sure you select one that fit’s your puppy perfectly!

Basic French Bulldog Puppy Care – The First Weeks

After you select the French Bulldog puppy of your dreams, you get to take him home!  Unfortunately, without a manual to tell you how to succeed at raising him. The first few days are exceptionally hard on the new pup because it is the first time they are away from their mom and their other siblings.  It is not uncommon for the puppy to cry out or whine throughout the night.  Give the puppy some time to adjust, and this behavior should naturally stop on it’s own.

Your new baby will need a nice safe place to sleep where it is warm and dry.  It is always recommended to let them sleep with a cloth or a soft toy that has the mother’s or other littler mate’s scent on it.  This should help to calm the puppy and allow them to sleep better.  Make sure that when the puppy cries out you do not give in and run to rescue him.  This will only reinforce the behavior and make it increasingly difficult for you to get them to stop whining.  Another good tip is to place a sheet or a blanket over the box or crate when they are asleep a night because it will get them used to going to sleep at a specific scheduled time.

Puppies are mischievous by nature, and have a tendency to want to explore everything. Be sure hazardous items like marbles, wires, rocks, chemicals, household cleansers and any type of harmful plants are far out of the puppy’s way.

Scolding your pup should be just like scolding a child. However, when you tell him NO, you should show him the correct behavior. For example, if he is chewing up the newspaper, take it away and replace it with one of his toys. Praise him for chewing his toy. Reprimands should be sharp and short. Hitting or spanking may create more problems down the road. The pup can become fearful, shy, or aggressive. Always reward for proper behaviors. Treats make a great reinforcer. So is a simple scratch between the ears and a hug,

Feed him a dry food especially made for puppies. Watch out for very high protein and extra vitamins as they may be harmful to your growing puppy. Feed him two or three times a day. Usually after fifteen minutes, the pup will have eaten all they want, so you can remove the dish. As thy grow, after ten to twelve weeks of age, feed them one in the morning and once at night.

All of these should help your new pup get through those first horrible weeks away from his family. The bond forming between you will last a lifetime.


Finding A Responsible Dog Breeder

If you are in the market for a purebred dog such as a French Bulldog, you will likely need to locate a breeder to purchase your dog.  If you have ever performed a search for a dog breeder, you will know that it is extremely easy to find someone who breeds dogs and there are probably thousands of different breeders of your chosen breed to choose from.  When you are seeking a purebred dog, it is very important to not just select the first person you find who has an available dog.  You will want to be sure that whoever you choose is reputable and there are several ways to do that.  The following are some different ways you can help to ensure that the breeder you select has enough knowledge about the breed, is reliable, professional and trustworthy.


Any reputable breeder will be happy to provide you references of clients they have worked with in the past.  These should be people who have purchased a puppy from them or utilized their stud services and would be happy to share their first hand experience with you.  Selecting a breeder that was used by someone you already know with a positive result is also a good place to start.


A reputable breeder will have as many questions for you as you have for them, and possibly more.  They will want to make sure you have the means, space and time to properly care for their animal just like you want to make sure the animal has been properly cared for thus far.  A breeder that doesn’t ask prospective buyers qualifying questions might not be a good place to purchase your puppy.  A good breeder always has the best interest of the dog at heart, even if it means denying someone to purchase a puppy.


Reputable breeders will have already had the puppies checked for potential health risks before ever selling the animal.  Some problems, however simply are undetectable until later in life.  Because of this reputable breeders generally offer extended health guarantees allowing you to receive you money back in the event that a genetic defect presents in the dog.


Aside from looking in the newspaper and on the internet, local breeders can be found through your veterinarian’s office, pet supply stores and at dog shows.  Dog shows are a very good place to locate breeders because those that attend these types of events are often showing one or more of their dogs or are there to see the performance of a competing dog that they bred in the past.


Know Your French Bulldog Comes From A Reputable Breeder

All breeders specialize in their chosen breed.  They know the breed standards, the desired temperaments and characteristics of the breed, and they generally have a lot of experience with the breed that stems from a deep love of the dog.  Reputable breeders strive to breed only animals that exhibit the correct breed qualities.  This benefits the buyer by allowing the buyer quality control.  They will know what they are buying which means fewer surprises, fewer disappointments and a happy lifelong home for the pet!

The following is a comprehensive guideline that can be followed to make sure your new best friend is coming from a loving & reputable breeder:

1) The breeder should be aware of and inform all prospective buyers of the known inherited defects that affect the breed.  Reputable breeders need to make sure they screen their breeding stock to be sure that they are free of all such known defects.  Of course, this may not completely eliminate or prevent an inherited defect from showing up, but it drastically decreases the chances of them occurring in the offspring.

2) A breeder is a valuable source of information for buyers if any problems arise in the home after the pet has been purchased.  They should be willing to be available to give you advise on all aspects of caring for and training.  In the event that you find it impossible to keep your pet, reputable breeders should be willing to help you relocate them.

3) Most breeders will provide you with written instructions on how to feed, care for and train your new dog.  This shows that the breeder cares about the wellbeing of the pet even after it leaves their care.

4) Reputable breeders should take the time to properly socialize their dogs to make sure that when they leave their care they have been given the special handling they need in order to develop and adapt to living with other humans, dogs and other pets as well.  Socialization is a critical foundation to puppy development and it creates a happy, eager to learn and please dog that will bring joy to their new families.

5) Since the breeder has been laying the foundation for learning through socialization buying from a reputable breeder who does not utilize crates for long periods of time as a means for containment will be much easier to housebreak than purchasing a puppy from a pet store.  Constant confinement in a cage, like you see in a pet store, leads to a loss of the puppies’ natural clean nature.  This disrupts housebreaking because they are comfortable living close to their own waste.

6) For those that are interested in showing their new pets, a reputable breeder will help you get started in whatever area you wish to pursue – be it conformation, obedience, agility, carting, herding or tracking.  A reputable breeder will help to better their breed by striving to produce high quality pets.  This is not an easy thing to do, and it can cost the breeder a lot of time and money that oftentimes, they cannot charge for.

If you do your research before purchasing a puppy from a breeder to make sure they are reputable, concerned with bettering the breed, and are providing this service to society for the sole purpose of bringing joy to the lives of others and creating happiness for the animals, then you should have no problem with the puppy you select.