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The dogs need protein and fat in order to be healthy they need a balanced diet in order to thrive and be at there maximum potential with no health maladies which can be accomplished on this diet hands down. You just can’t feed your dog only chicken or ground beef the dog needs a variety of fat and protein sources. I give my dogs 5 different protein sources weekly and the proof is in how the dog looks and behaves.

Advantages of a Raw Diet

I recently just purchased a French bulldog puppy and his name is blue he’s a very active little guy and he has a very healthy appetite. When you do the research on a French bulldog puppy you find that the dog has many possible health issues like all pure breed dogs do please do the research.

2 Raw or Not 2 Raw

These and many questions crossed our minds at some time or the other especially when we have a new puppy or pet added to the household. What are the cheapest foods, what are the best kibble and snacks and how often should I feed? Well, I say toss ALL of that out of the window everything learned or what someone told you about the old way you feed your dog and see how I have fed my dogs. The difference is amazing. I too started off with kibble from A to Z from high price to low from canes meats and after 35 years of feeding this way my dogs had disease skins disorders.