Horse and French Bulldog Meet Up

I love this natural curiosity that stirs both animals. It again leads to the questions of companionship between animals. You would never see this kind of interaction between a dog and a human. You look and decide for yourself.

Dogs and Cats Unite!

This captures the truth, it does not have to be a dog that companions your dog. I often feel sad when puppies leave my home where they have their whole tiny life been cuddled up with siblings. Then one day they go to a new Forever home. Ideally, there would be another dog. But I understand this does not work for everyone. So, I have suggested getting a cat. Sometimes you have to see it to believe it. So, if you are a sole “one-dog” kind of family, consider this. Cats take care of themselves. They don’t need to be walked. They can hang out alone. But they can also keep your lone puppy/dog company while you are out.  This is no extra work for you, but it will bring a lot of joy into the dogs life. Dogs are by nature Pack Animals.  This would explain the ease of this relationship between the cat and the dog, togetherness, not loneliness.

Talking French Bulldog, or singing?

Whenever my dogs are left alone for a long time, and I am in the house but they thing I am away, this is the sound they all make in unison. I think we could safely say this is “French Bulldog” conversation.

New Puppy Does Lots of Tricks!

This 10 weeks old puppy is learning new tricks. So fun to see how a French Bulldog Puppy this young can already conceive of following commands. Imagine the possibilities. It inspired me. Hope it does you.

French Bulldogs are Super Smart

This is impressive! I did not even know that French Bulldogs are this smart. It inspires me to want to do more with my own dogs. This would be an example though of how having just one dog or maybe two makes this more possible. I have 5 and have never really taken the time to teach these kinds of things to my dogs.

Fox- like a Dog or a Cat

If you love dogs then I am sure you love all animals. This little fox reminds me of a dog and cat mixed together in its temperament. It reminds me of a famous study that National Geographic featured. The study used Foxes to prove that domestic dogs can be bred from Wolves. It had been argued that wild dogs are wild no matter what. In the study they began with Black Foxes. Repeatedly they bred together Foxes of similar temperaments. The bred gentle natured Foxes with other gentle natured foxes. They bred more wild and aggressive dogs with the other aggressive dogs. They kept picking the pups of either nature and breeding those again with other pups of the same nature.  What happened over time fo 5 years was truly fascinating  Eventually the mild tempered Foxes were entirely domesticated. Note the fox in the video. However, the aggressive foxes were still as aggressive as ever before, and worse. They snarled now at the cage doors as people walked by.  But there was one added surprise…………..all the aggressive foxes were still black, but by the end of 5 years, there was a variety of colors amongst the “submissive natured” foxes. The colors ranges from white to red and with spots and stripes, all the colors we are familiar with among domesticated dogs as we know them. It is not known how the color gene affixes itself to a submissive nature gene. It is just as odd as the fact that the deaf gene adheres to the white color gene. But, the points is, it happened. Foxes were domesticated. This supports the claim that wolves can be domesticated and that our House Dogs are related to wolves.

Dog and Cat Love entirely natural

Again, a puppy and a cat. It is especially adorable to see how young the puppy is and how natural it seems for them to relate. And I too find it interesting that the cat is already grown. I might have thought that if the cat were a kitten it would be easier. But, apparently, the cat has no problem with the puppy. I so hope anybody watching this with only on dog consider the possibility. Imagine the benefit to the puppy and the cat has got to be liking this too.