Blue French bulldogs are one of the rarest and are considered very beautiful among French Bulldogs coat colors. These dogs get attention anywhere they go and have a lot of eyes looking their way because of the color. 

The color of these dogs is controversial as people have mixed opinions about them. Reputable breeders know that the health of this color is determined by how healthy their lineage is. The color of the dog does not determine the health of the dog. It depends on how the puppy was bred and how healthy the parents are at the time of breeding for the healthiest litter. 

The blue coat color comes from a rare dilute gene that is responsible for the bluish-grey color of these beautiful dogs. This also affects the color of their eyes. This is the reason why we see a lot of Blue French bulldogs with blue eyes.

Types of rare sub colors in the French bulldog’s coat color

  • Blue
  • Black and Tan
  • Black and White
  • Pure Black
  • Sable
  • Chocolate
  • Lilac
  • Isabella
  • Merle
  • Blue Fawn

We’ll talk about the Blue Fawn French bulldog but before that, we’ll talk about the Fawn French bulldog.

The Fawn French bulldog is a color that is accepted by the AKC and other kennel clubs which includes fawn and fawn pied. It’s a color of the French Bulldog that has two shades which are the blue fawn and the chocolate fawn. These two colors are very rare and are very much in demand in the Frenchie world but are not accepted by the AKC or most kennel clubs. They can be registered in the clubs but are not accepted in shows.

Understanding The Distinctive Genetics and Coat Colors of Blue Fawn French bulldog

This type of French bulldog has a dusky looking fur which stands out a lot. Blue Fawn French bulldogs also carry double recessive genes that the blue pieds and the blue brindles carry with an exception of the two genes that they carry for the fawn color. In the Blue Fawn French bulldogs, the darker Blue Fawn French bulldogs also carry a brindle gene that is dominant over the fawn gene.

Blue Fawn French bulldogs have a really beautiful shade of fawn as their base shade and that is masked with patches of blue on the back and the ears. You will not find similar-looking shades as the patches will differ in size and color in each dog. In recent years, Blue Fawn French bulldogs have become very popular among dog owners and dog enthusiasts alike.