If you are in the market for a purebred dog such as a French Bulldog, you will likely need to locate a breeder to purchase your dog.  If you have ever performed a search for a dog breeder, you will know that it is extremely easy to find someone who breeds dogs and there are probably thousands of different breeders of your chosen breed to choose from.  When you are seeking a purebred dog, it is very important to not just select the first person you find who has an available dog.  You will want to be sure that whoever you choose is reputable and there are several ways to do that.  The following are some different ways you can help to ensure that the breeder you select has enough knowledge about the breed, is reliable, professional and trustworthy.


Any reputable breeder will be happy to provide you references of clients they have worked with in the past.  These should be people who have purchased a puppy from them or utilized their stud services and would be happy to share their first hand experience with you.  Selecting a breeder that was used by someone you already know with a positive result is also a good place to start.


A reputable breeder will have as many questions for you as you have for them, and possibly more.  They will want to make sure you have the means, space and time to properly care for their animal just like you want to make sure the animal has been properly cared for thus far.  A breeder that doesn’t ask prospective buyers qualifying questions might not be a good place to purchase your puppy.  A good breeder always has the best interest of the dog at heart, even if it means denying someone to purchase a puppy.


Reputable breeders will have already had the puppies checked for potential health risks before ever selling the animal.  Some problems, however simply are undetectable until later in life.  Because of this reputable breeders generally offer extended health guarantees allowing you to receive you money back in the event that a genetic defect presents in the dog.


Aside from looking in the newspaper and on the internet, local breeders can be found through your veterinarian’s office, pet supply stores and at dog shows.  Dog shows are a very good place to locate breeders because those that attend these types of events are often showing one or more of their dogs or are there to see the performance of a competing dog that they bred in the past.