Some people love to dress up their dogs in special designer dog clothes.  There are many options when it comes to dressing up your furry friend such as cute sweaters, t-shirts, shoes, bandannas and hats to name a few.  There seems to be no limit to what people are willing to purchase to adorn their dogs!  Dressing up a dog is more for the owner than for the animal, but as long as you get the dog used to wearing clothes and you make sure they fit comfortably, most dogs don’t mind getting dressed up!  Especially dog breeds that crave attention, they very much enjoy getting dressed up!

The internet has taken dog clothing to a whole new level offering many different websites that sell designer dog clothes.  Websites with names such as Glamour Dog, Designer Dog Wear and Paw Printz Boutique offer the top in canine fashion with many items ranging in price from 10 dollars to upwards of 100 dollars per item.

Many years ago it was not uncommon to to see dogs running around in basic knit sweaters or some other simple cute clothing, but today there are almost as many different dog clothing options are there are clothing options for people!  There are dresses and slacks, raincoats, eyewear, headwear, footwear, and every other item you could imagine. Casual wear, formal wear, beachwear, and even wedding dresses and tuxedos!

In many cases doggie designer clothing comes complete with a designer price tag. Dog dresses can often run from 40 dollars to 90 dollars.  Some of these clothing items are so specialized that they can cost more than the human equivalent!  Some personal favorites include doggie trench coats, football jerseys and doggie bathroabs!

The recent trend in dog clothing is undoubtedly spurred by the popularity of celebrity dogs such as Paris Hilton’s Tinkerbell and Anna Nicole Smith’s Sugar Pie.  If you are in the market for dog clothing that will turn heads, designer doggie duds may be just what the fashion critic has ordered! After all, what’s cuter than a pup dressed up in an evening gown?