Your French Bulldog has given you many wonderful years of companionship and in return, you should make your pet’s final years are as comfortable as can be. You will know when your beloved Frenchie is approaching his or her golden years by the rate in which they mature. Generally, the larger the dog is, the faster they mature. For a French Bulldog, when your dog reaches about 8 years old they are experiencing or quickly approaching their senior years. When your dog reaches this stage it’s important that they receive the correct amount of exercise, nutrition and veterinary care.

Signs of an Aging French Bulldog

Your Frenchie will show signs of age in a few different ways.  A healthy senior French Bulldog will generally have a decreased energy level.  Your dog may sleep more often than he used to and/or become tired more quickly during exercise or activities that once were no problem for them physically.  They also may appear to be stiff after playing or after getting up from a rest, which is attributed to arthritis due to aging.

One of the best ways to comfort an aging dog is to provide them with comfortable sleeping quarters.  There are many companies that design special therapeutic dog beds specifically for the aging and arthritic pooch.  These special beds are designed to take the pressure off of your Frenchie’s aching joints and are generally made from memory foam.  These beds also have removable covers and are made from machine washable materials that benefit you least your senior Frenchie has an accident in his or her bed.


An appropriate exercise regiment will help your senior French Bulldog avoid further problems such as weight gain and arthritis.  Regular exercise will also help to improve digestion and circulation, but this needs to be done in moderation so your dog won’t overdo it.  A nice short walk a few times per day in addition to some low key playing should be just enough to do the trick.

Proper Nutrition

As your French Bulldog gets older, their dietary needs will change.  Make sure you are selecting a food that is appropriate for your dogs needs and conditions.  A proper senior dog food will have fewer calories, higher protein and added vitamins and minerals that will help your dogs coat and teeth to remain in good health.

Weight gain due to a slowing metabolism is a very common problem, especially with aging French Bulldogs.  You can test to see if your dog is overweight simply by placing your hands on their backbone and feeling for their ribcage.  If you can’t feel it, chances are that your Frenchie is a bit overweight.  If your pup needs to shed some pounds, look for a lower fat and calorie food.

Veterinary Care

As your French Bulldog ages, they will be experiencing many physical and emotional changes. It is important that you keep up on their health with twice annual geriatric screenings in addition to their regular check-ups and shots.

So long as you continue to love your Frenchie and give them the best possible senior care, they will live a long and happy life with you right up to the very end.