Chew treats are quite common among all dog owners.  If you currently or have ever owned a dog, you have given dozens of these treats to your friend and they absolutely love them!  These chew treats help to clean their teeth and keep them distracted or occupied for long periods of time.  However, these treats are NOT harmless and can actually cause serious injury and even death.

Why are chew treats so dangerous?

The two most popular kinds of edible chew treats on the market are made from rawhide or compressed vegetable protein.  When your Frenchie chews on these treats, they are at risk to swallow large pieces of them.  The pieces of chew treat is indigestible and can easily become lodged in the intestines.  Intestinal blockages can kill a dog within hours.  They cause a condition called intestinal strangulation where blood flow is cut off from the intestines completely.  When this happens, the intestines begin to die and rot.

How do I know if my dog has an intestinal blockage?

Vomiting, refusal to eat, regurgitation, diarrhea and/or abdominal pain are all symptoms of a possible intestinal blockage.  If your French Bulldog has any of these symptoms you should seek the care of a veterinarian as soon as possible.  Intestinal blockages do not clear on their own and require surgery to remove.

Should I stop giving my dog chew treats?

You don’t need to stop giving them chew treats, but you should always be vigilant about monitoring the use of the treats.  When you can’t be around to supervise your Frenchie, take them away.  Further, when the treat has broken down to small pieces, discard them and replace.

Remember, as a French Bulldog owner it is your responsibility to look after your pet’s health and well being.  Losing your pet to a preventable accident such as a chew treat becoming lodged in the intestines would be a total shame.  Make sure to keep a watchful eye over your Frenchie and they will live out a long and happy life with you by their side.