Owning a French Bulldog is a big responsibility and some might even compare that responsibility to that of having a baby. The advantage of having a dog instead of a baby, is that the dog won’t grow older and turn into a stressful teenager.  Since dogs can be viewed as babies, it is foreseeable that they will possibly end up in dangerous or unsafe situations.  French Bulldogs can become trapped in small spaces or get hit by something that will injure one of their limbs.  It is important to learn how to bandage your Frenchie if this situation ever arises to keep the limb from becoming further injured.  The following are the basic ways of bandaging your injured French Bulldog.

1.  When your Frenchie has a bandage, it should always be kept clean and dry.  It is very important to make sure your healing dog stays inside most of the time while the bandage is in place.  If you live in a wet climate, when your dog goes outside to use the bathroom it is a good idea to wrap a plastic bread bag or trash bag around the bandage to keep it dry.  Also, it is important that you check the bandage a few times per day for foul odors or discharge.  If you find either of these things you should contact your vet immediately.  You should note that keeping the bandage clean and dry could require you to change it a few times per day.

2.  After you bring your Frenchie home from the vet you will need to check the bandage to make sure it is still secured in the correct spot.  Sometimes the dog may attempt to scratch or chew the bandage off.  Look closely at the position of the bandage as it might have slipped up or down the pet.  The bandage could have also become loose on one end, especially if the abdomen or leg have been bandaged.  When the bandage becomes too loose or stretched out, it is time to change the bandage.

3.  If your Frenchie has a bandage on it’s leg you need to make sure it’s not wrapped too tightly.  Pay attention to how the toes appear at the bottom of the bandage at least two times per day.  This will indicate sweating, swelling or pain in the leg.  Check for skin chaffing, redness, discharge or swelling both before and after changing the bandage.

4.  To prevent your French Bulldog from chewing on the bandage place them in a cone collar.  If your Frenchie is still trying to chew or scratch in excess you should consult your vet.

Please remember that any of the following symptoms will warrant an immediate trip to the vet:

– Swelling above or below the bandage

– Chewing the bandage

– Bandage becomes wet

– Bleeding or discharge above, below or through the bandage

– Scheduled bandage changes