Emotions play a critical role in the lives of human beings.  Feelings of sadness, happiness, anger, frustration, fear and love are what helps to shape our human experience.  Just as these feelings are paramount in our existence, they are also an integral part of your French Bulldog’s experience. Aromatherapy can provide instant, profound and long lasting effects on an animal’s overall health and well being.

When we leave our French Bulldog’s alone for extended periods of time, ignore them, feed them food with little nutritional value, abandon them or involve them in any other negative situation we are causing them to feel stress.  Stress can lead to health problems in your French Bulldog such as exhaustion, itching, hair loss, panting and even aggression.  Aromatherapy can be used to treat your Frenchie’s hot spots, irritated skin, ear infections, rashes, bites, cuts, scrapes, incisions from surgery, bad breath, flatulence and more.

French Bulldogs are faithful friends for life.  They give us affection, joy and loyalty, but they are also emotionally dependent on their Humans.  Your Frenchie is always in sync with your mood but they have a hard time coping with emotional stress and loneliness which is why dogs require more attention than any other animal.

If your French Bulldog is suffering from a yeast or ear infection you can use either of the following to treat it.  For ease of application and use, place the oils in a spray bottle with a base oil and swab the inside of the ear after each cleansing.

Lavender – lavender oil soothes the skin and relieves the itching caused by irritation.

Tea Tree – tea tree oil is a powerful antibacterial and anti-fungal

Bergamot – bergamot oil can be used as an anti-fungal

Roman Chamomile – roman chamomile can be used to soothe and heal soft tissues

Essential oils can be used to create a natural and very effective flea repellent by using Peppermint, citronella, lemon and clary sage.  Further, the risk of ticks can be reduced by using geranium oil, bay, lavender and myrrh.  Using about 15-20 drops of these oils diluted with base oil and sprayed directly on your French Bulldog daily will keep ticks and fleas away.

To help relieve emotional stress on your pet, simply mix 6 drops of lavender, 1 drop of neroli and 4 drops of marjoram essential oils and mix directly with a carrier oil such as jojoba or sweet almond.  Place this mixture directly on the spine and head of your French Bulldog lightly and repeat whenever necessary.

To help relieve anxiety & lonliness simply mix 1 drop of rose otto, 5 drops of cypress and 5 drops of marjoram essential oils mixed with a carrier oil.  Place this mixture directly on the spine and head and repeat whenever necessary.

To reduce nervousness & hyperactivity mix 6 drops of lavender, 2 drops of roman chamomile and 4 drops of petitgrain essential oils mixed with a carrier oil.  Place this mixture directly on the spine and head and repeat whenever necessary.

When mixing the essential oils for use in pet aromatherapy it is very important to consider your French Bulldog’s sensitive sense of smell.  Any dog that is overwhelmed by the smells of these essential oil blends may react by pacing, whining or trying to remove the oils by rubbing themselves on the ground.  It is important to slowly introduce the oils to your pets in small amounts so that they become used to the different scents.