French Bulldog Breeders No Grain Dog Food Recipes

I am a breeder of French Bulldogs and because I have puppies around so often I am very conscientious of sensitive digestive systems that easily have diarrhea. It is because of the many diarrhea episodes and terrible incidents of gas that I became extremely aware of the ingredients in my dogs food. Dog diet is as important to me as my own. In an ideal world I most definitely would strive to feed my dogs Raw food because I believe everything about what that sort of diet represents. However, having multiple dogs, five, and then always additional puppies, it is not economically feasible. There would be a lot of waste due to spoilage factors and it’s just simply much more expensive. So after much research I’ve chosen to do the next best thing which begins with eliminating grain from the dogs diet by feeding kibble food products that contain no grain and that are also processed in such a way that they advertise being compatible with raw food diets. Probably, like you, I love the idea of mixing something with the kibble which seems just so boring by itself. For starters, I must say that I soak my dogs food always in water for at least an hour before feeding, which I recommend to all pet owners as a tremendous way to be certain of water consumption in your dogs diet as well as being a good preventative medicine against ailments such as bloat that involve overstretching the stomach when a dog eats dry kibble and then gorges on water afterwards. The dry kibble in the belly then explodes to unhealthy proportions in the stomach possibly turning it over and strangulating the dog from the inside out. That being said, after having found several excellent quality kibbles that are made without grain and processed in a very healthy way, I desire to mix the kibble with some sort of a moist other food representing a much better variety of nutrition then a standard canned food. My choice of dog food recipes for this wet nutritional additives is a cooked chicken and bone recipe that I produce in a pressure cooker so that the bones become pulverized and all of the meat and bones can mush together almost like a stew. Be certain to remove the skin and the fatty juices by rinsing it away over the finished cooked food through a strainer. Another good recipe is to scramble ground beef that also is cooked well and all the fat is rinsed away. I put the scrambled beef then through the cuisinart grinder to make it like almost dusted flakes of meat. I mix that in with the wet soaked food and it coats everything. Yum. These will be the two recipes that I add to a no grain kibble to feed my dogs daily and I have to say it produces a good healthy poop, very little gas and dogs that haven’t in many cases been to a vet in years. If any news comes to you from this article lastly I want to emphasize the purchase of a pressure cooker to cook in the whole chicken, bones and all. It is a fantastic device that allows you the opportunity to feed bones in a safe manner, marrow and all, directly to your dog. A pressure cooker is also sometimes called a Canner, but they are the same device and they cook at a high pressurized temperature which literally makes the bones themselves crushable between your fingertips and completely safe for the dog to eat and ultimately extremely healthy. So go out and buy a pressure cooker and see for yourself today how you can enhance your dogs diet with these delightful natural flavors.



Author: Dr. Marika Zoll is a clinical psychologist and breeder of French Bulldogs. Her site is She practices alternative medicine healing along with traditional preventive medicine