Flea Free

French Bulldog Breeders Trick To Get Rid Of Fleas Naturally!

I am a breeder of French Bulldogs. I bring my dogs up out in the country amongst hot summers and cool winters and I must say with confidence that we have fleas and ticks outside in the yard. So most of you probably presume that with that statement would join the remedy of on-the-spot flea treatments, to keep my home flea free. However, this is not the case! I do not use on-the-spot flea treatments after learning how incredibly toxic they are. Natural Flea Control is entirely possible. Contrary to what you would think, it’s not the thing that kills fleas that is so toxic, rather it’s what the medicine is mixed with, the inert ingredients, that are combined with the flea killer. Nowadays I can say go and Google it! Type into your search bar the phrase “What is toxic about on the spot flea medications”. You’ll have your answer there pretty quickly. In the interest of keeping this article brief just take my word for it they are and the good news is that you don’t have to use them because, despite where I live and the conditions outside and my dogs that actually wonder in and out of the house, I absolutely have no problem with fleas. My purpose here is to tell you how I do that and for you to realize that it is actually extremely simple. My magic potion is vinegar! Vinegar is actually a magic potion for more things than killing fleas but in this instance it is the answer to your question. I make a 50-50 solution of vinegar and water, and always after bathing my dogs, roughly once a month, I douse them in this solution and let them drip dry. Following that I maintain their now alkaline skin environment with regular squirts from a bottle that includes the same contents of 50-50 vinegar and water solution that I sprayed onto their crotch and their armpits nightly while hanging out in the living room. That’s it! That’s all I do! I squirt vinegar and water solution daily onto their crotch and armpits and douse them once a month with a solution following a bath and we never have a problem in our household, never ever. The only other part of my recipe that I forgot to mention is using a shampoo to bathe dog in that includes NEEM OIL and there are several on the market but my favorite is TropiClean Neem Flea and Tick Dog Shampoo available everywhere on line even at Amazon. Buy the concentrate 5:1 for your best value. It smells great and it works great in combination with the vinegar and water. So go give it a try and finally be fully flea free in your household without adding any sort of toxic ingredient to your dogs system. Natural flea control is absolutely real. Start today.

Author: Dr. Marika Zoll is a clinical psychologist and breeder of French Bulldogs. Her site is https://frenchbulldogsla.com. She practices alternative medicine healing along with traditional preventive medicine