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What to Look For in a Dog Breeder

After you have done all your research on the breed of the dog that you are going to buy, it is imperative that you look for a Blue French Bulldog breeder who is reputable. A French Bulldogs cannot be found in your local shops as it takes a lot of time and care to breed Blue French Bulldogs. A reputable breeder will have a lot of knowledge on how to take care of their dogs and how to breed a good litter of French Bulldog Puppies.

Where to find the breeder?

The best ways you can find a French Bulldog breeder is a lot of research and reviews of the French Bulldog breeder. A French Bulldog is hard to find and a blue French Bulldog is even harder to find so make sure that you go for a very knowledgeable and reputable French Bulldog breeder. The first thing you can do is you can check on a club website. All the dogs which are bred are mostly registered in the CKC or the AKC, so you can find these breeders on the club’s website. Also, you can look for the list of blue French Bulldog breeders on online forums. Many people like to talk about breeders on online forums to give them popularity and credibility so online forums are also a good place to see if the breeder is good or not.

Another good place to look for a breeder is to go to dog shows, there are fewer dog shows in the US for a blue French Bulldog as they are rare and you cannot show these dogs in the AKC. The standard French Bulldog can be found in shows hosted by the AKC as they are eligible for shows. You can talk to the people in the show and find out where they got their dogs. Most people will be happy to share their experiences and knowledge with you and help you find a breeder. The local clubs are also very useful in finding local reputable French Bulldog breeders around you. You will also find information on the breeders you need to avoid.

After Finding the Breeder

After finding the breeder, you need to get down to business. You can call them and let them know how you got their contact and that you would like to purchase a blue French Bulldog puppy from them. You need to arrange a visit with them which is an extremely vital part of puppy adoption. Visit their site if they have one. A reputable breeder has them and will list out their past puppy information with a list of the customer testimonials. If a visit is not possible then you can find out ways to see what conditions the French Bulldog puppy lives in. When you visit them, you need to make sure that the puppy is living in a good place which is quite spacious and is being taken care of by the breeder.

It is always good to check if the breeder has both the parents in the facility as this is not the case sometimes. The breeder will sometimes not have both the parents at the same time but it will be good to see at least one parent of the blue star French Bulldog pup. A reputable breeder will keep a good and clean facility for their dogs and will keep a happy and loving environment for the pups and their parents. Ask the French Bulldog breeder to see if they have registered their puppy in a club and also the health checkups and vaccinations papers of the puppy.

Puppies should never leave their mother before six weeks and ideally, at 8-9 weeks they can be separated. At six weeks all puppies need to be checked by a veterinarian for general health, a stool sample for worms and parasites and the first of its shots for distemper, parvovirus, hepatitis, parainfluenza and parvo Carona. This is usually one shot for all of the vaccinations. In addition, at the puppies’ first vet visit they should be checked for fleas, ticks, and heartworms and placed on necessary preventative medicines.



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