Kamal-baby-3-259x300This is my lovely russian girl Kamal She is an Orange Fawn French Bulldog.
Kamal was chosen from these pictures. She was female #1. Initially I picked her for her color, which is an ORANGE Fawn, not something you  often see.  But, soon I was drawn to the “sweet  and gentle” nature that I felt in  her eyes. And so she has grown to be.

Kamal-baby-2-255x300Kamal means “lotus flower” in Indian.  The lotus flower represents a “new beginning”. If that didn’t just sum up what I was feeling purchasing my babies. In my opinion Kamal’s temperament is a perfect representation of what I fell in love with in this breed. Angel is just the same.

Kamal is rarely seen alone. She is not a loner, wanting always for a companion
Kamal  is the most like her father, of all three girls, body included. French Bulldog body types vary from more  slender builds to what is called  a “cobby” body.

Kamal-and-Sabu-cuddle-3-288x300Kamal and her father define “cobby”. It is more stocky, heavier, but “oh so bull-doggish”, which  I love! Gigi has this  same body.