Welcome To FrenchBulldogsLA!

Me-and-Gigi-1-300x278We are Marika and Todd; animal lovers, artists, Ph.D. Psychologist with extended education  in Animal Genetics and Animal Behavioral Psychology, and contractor, Friends and alpha in our pack of 6 dogs. Although I, Marika am the founder of our doggie lifestyle.  I couldn’t exist without Todd’s support and companionship. For many years we had two bigger dogs, Yookie and Yoshi, a labrador and pound puppy. There was never a thought given to getting a third dog.Me-and-Dogs-1b-265x300

Then one day I met a French BullDog on the street walking off the leash with its owner. It was a sort of “love at first sight”. I worried how I would break the news to Todd that I wanted to bring home a third dog.

After one week of contemplation I posed the question. He embraced the idea, and as you can see here by the picture to the left, his lap is never not reserved. After a 6 month love affair with our first born “Angel”, I wanted to get him a mate. Finding a suitable female that I could afford was difficult and I ended up going to Russia. One thing led to the next and today I have three females Gigi, Sabu and Kamal. Angel is a lucky fellow. We still have Yookie and Yoshi and fortunately our pack runs peacefully on our more than one acre of land.

Me-and-Dogs-21-185x300Initially, for the past 10 years, I have been a clinical psychologist, directing an art program for the mentally ill. After getting Angel I started taking him to work with me. I saw some amazing examples with my patients that had never before been close to a dog. I realized then that I wanted to cultivate some sort of environment that would give way to more people having the pleasure that I do with my dogs.

Now that we had property north of Los Angeles this idea was not so far fetched. As I felt my self searching for little treasures of the females that I would one day use for breeding. I also furthered my degree to specialize in animal behavioral studies.

Todd-and-Angel-2-149x300Putting together my knowledge of human psychology with what I have learned about animals I hope to help others to better understand not just themselves, as a psychologist does, but how to better understand their animals. Ultimately this will encourage peaceful households where animal lovers abode. I intend to specialize in Aggressive Behavior Issues as this is where my experience lies.

I have worked at length with people that have Anger Issues and now hope to be instrumental in teaching people how to understand their dogs. Perhaps I will coin the title of “Dog Whisperess.”. Stay tunedMe-and-my-dogs2