We adopted Riley into our Clan when he was 3 years old. Initially I went to northern California to pay his stud fee. He came highly recommended. From the moment I met him I felt something. He rolled on his back to say his first hello. I love that “submissive” quality in any dog. No fighting that is for sure! To my surprise he was forsale. His owner had gone through a terrible divorce, the owner of 4 dogs, had to find him another home. He was living with the breeder who brought him up, but only until I came alone. Initially I knew someone that was looking for a grown French Bulldog to companion their Deaf female French Bulldog. Seemed like the perfect guy. Well, those people first said yes. I brought him home to Los Angeles, and then they changed their minds without ever meeting him. Wow! I wanted him. I would never have asked for him, but now I had no choice. We got to keep him and the rest is a love story in our family. Riley proves that you need to have a dog as a puppy to develop this kind of bond and love for your animal. He is ours.

Follow up: Two years later those people that had changed their minds bought from me one of his puppies, identical to him. Also, the lady, the original owner that went through the divorce, she came to me also and bought a pair of puppies that he also sired. One of those looked just like him. Neat huh!

23French-Bulldog-Stud-Rileys-Dad1-300x206STUD SERVICE:
Riley’s sperm is very viable producing an especially large variety of color. Creme’s are an unusual exception when you are breeding 2 dogs of other colors, yet Riley’s gives us creme’s each time. My girls are Fawns. I can do artificial insemination for you or we can mail Frozen sperm. Give us a call to discuss. We guarantee pregnancy if you follow our guidelines of  progesterone testing that will indicate with accuracy when fertile dates are. You see Riley in all the pictures. Note this pictures of his father. Fee for Stud Service with optional Artificial Insemination included = $750.00

Here is the gallery of pictures I collected of his lifetime before us. The picture above is the one I took of him with us now.